Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Yes – It’s Real And It Works!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming slim without being on a diet?I sure had such a nice, no-diet-getting-skinny dream once or twice in my life…

Last night I attended a local workshop on Louise Hay’s positive thinking and self-improvement. There I met people from all walks of life who are trying to work on personal life goals – from buying a new car to dieting, losing weight or even writing a bestseller!

When the workshop was finished we had a small talk with some interesting fellow life travelers – one of them is an economist and earns her daily cost as an accountant while at the same time she has another profession that is actually something that she holds close to her heart and is her true passion.

Imagine, her passion profession is a Hypnotic Therapist! Just the right person that I needed to fulfill my dream instantly and to get me into my skinny pants without any diet at all!

Almost as a matter of joking, I asked her whether I could lose weight under hypnosis – surprisingly enough, she answered positively! She claims that people can work on their weight loss through hypnosis.

My thoughts were raving in my head: “So, if it is possible to have weight loss under hypnosis, isn’t that the easiest way out, the best mind hack ever! Wouldn’t it be great to take the easy way out without having to do any diet or to exercise!


This would be the ultimate weight loss, with no effort whatsoever! Hmmm, when hypnotized, how much weight loss could I accomplish within 1 month, I wondered!”

After leaving the workshop I went home to rest. Somehow I could not leave the thought of hypnosis aside….my curiosity for hypnosis weight loss and making the short cut to diets and exercise started that evening.

What Is Hypnosis Weight Loss and How It Works?

I immediately wanted to know how hypnosis for losing weight is effective in comparison to diets and exercise. Reading the material on hypnosis meant actually entering the realm of subconscious mind.

I have never been hypnotized before so I can’t describe the feeling. Funny enough, the only hypnosis that I have experienced so far is being hypnotized by a full plate of favorite treats and goodies  or being hypnotized by love, if those things count as being hypnotized at all!

On the serious side, I have discovered that hypnosis and its effects on the weight loss is something that is widely discussed and is even a matter of research within scientific circles (here below we shall see some benefits of weight loss through hypnosis).

Going back to what hypnosis really is and how it can affect somebody’s weight loss, how does it work in reality?! It is a rather simple concept – your subconscious mind is programmed by a therapist so you can start losing weight gradually…obviously, you need to find a professional expert therapist who offers individual sessions and by talking to the client, affects his or hers subconscious state of mind to the point that the subconscious mind blockers descending (even) from childhood are being removed during several hypnosis sessions.

The hypnotic therapist that I have talked to explained:

“I have worked with a girl who needed to lose weight but was refusing to do so; she was even refusing to diet or to exercise but still somehow decided to seek help from someone. While we were working on her subconscious mind, we have gradually discovered that she has been raped in her childhood and that she needed her weight as a protective shield in order not to be attractive for potential predators.

This was her subconscious way of defying the potential aggressors. Therefore she, on a subconscious level, and over the years, had built a strong resistance to diets, exercise and eventually to weight loss! Hypnosis helped her realize that! Later she decided to improve her own body image and by doing regular exercise and implementing a tailor-made diet, started working on her weight loss issues”.

“Wow, what a story”, I thought!!! A logical question emerged in my mind: “Can our subconscious mind really prevent us so much from changing ourselves?! How deeply do we need to dig into our sub- consciousness in order to have control over our daily lives or to change something?! And is it possible at all???” This notion might be slightly discouraging and might even leave us feeling as if we can’t control anything in our lives, especially not losing weight….

However, there might be a positive side to this story! I started thinking: “ Is it true that, if our mind can prevent us from doing something on a subconscious level, it means that, if programmed correctly and positively, it can also serve us, if we decide to make positive changes of body, mind and soul?!” What a great notion!

In my view, this practically means that doing positive affirmations is a micro, mind hypnosis; it is almost as a self-taught crash course on personal development and can eventually lead me to self-improvement! So, I decided that doing positive affirmations will do no harm; on the contrary, positive thoughts produce positive results in changing my body, mind and spirit! And with the thought of micro hypnosis I naturally continue for a more grounded search into subconscious realm of losing weight with hypnosis.

Scientific Benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Loss

With the above in mind, I wonder – have you ever tried popular diets and you are ready to try out another one? Then please check out below the benefits of being hypnotized and losing weight with results! This might be something for you, who knows?!

In doing further my own research, I have discovered that losing weight with hypnosis is by some taken lightly and by others very seriously, even to the point of various scientific studies that have demonstrated tangible and concrete results with the subjects that were being exposed to various weight loss experiments.

For example, one of the websites (see the link http://static.vg.no/pdf/Three_Studies_WL_Hypnosis.pdf) describes 3 scientific studies that have shown serious proof of people losing weight after hypnotic therapy and even keeping it off!

According to the above website, the scientific results have shown that:

  • “The hypnosis group, continued to lose weight during and after the study completion, and the studies showed that far more people in the hypnosis group met their long-term weight-loss goals”.
  • “The group that did not have hypnosis did not lose any more weight, and, in fact, most gained most of their weight back”.
  • “The group was split into hypnosis and non-hypnosis groups with both groups being given weight-loss behavioral treatments and counseling. The results were very interesting. The group using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds at the 6-month follow up. The group that did not receive hypnosis only lost 1/2 pound”.
  • “over the long term the average weight loss without hypnosis remained at 6 pounds, but with hypnosis it jumped to 14.88 pounds, indicating again that the effects of hypnosis seem to continue over time”.

In summing up the scientific results, I can say that these are the potential benefits of losing weight via hypnosis:

  • if hypnotized, people can lose weight, with the right amount of proper diet and exercise
  • losing weight continues even after the treatment
  • healthy habits and exercise regiment get imprinted into subconscious mind and this affects the life style changes

And If you ask me, I would be willing to try out a hypnosis session once without having to go on a real diet (as long as it is not called a DIET! ) but for the time being, I am going to:

  • continue with my healthy life style plan
  • exercise
  • drink lots of water
  • drink lemon juice in the morning
  • hope and pray

And of course, I will do my own self-hypnosis of positive thinking that is almost like a tantric love for your mind, body and soul leading towards a wholesome spiritual connection.