The Ice Cube Trick That Will Save Your Houseplants


If you are a proud owner of multiple house plants, you’ll understand fully what I mean when I say that once you purchase one house plant, you can’t stop from purchasing a few more every month.

The house plants can grow on to you and just like pets, you can’t leave the house for more than two days and not give your key to a friend, of course with the obligation to look after your precious plants which you love so much.

They are like your own kids, you look after them, and try to keep them away from any dangers (those sneaky cats adore picking on my plants) and normally, you feel devastated when you see one from your plant collection almost dead.

So, why do some plants get wilt or lifeless after a while, even though you’ve watered them every single day or you’ve taken such a good care of them and at the end, you’re left out with dead plants all over your house.

It seems that you’re doing something wrong and this is the plant’s way of saying that you should change something in the way you take care of your plants. Unlike your kids and pets, they can bark, move around, mime and find a way to tell you that they want something or they don’t like something, plants will only flourish if you do things properly or wilt and die, if you’re doing something wrong.

So, how can we tell if our plants are well taken care of or not? It’s not a great philosophy, you only need to water them, leave them in a proper room (depending whether they enjoy sunlight or not) and also see if you need to get rid of some old flowers and dry leaves. Simple, right?

Well, not exactly! Even though you’ve tried so many times to take good care of your plant, you still find dry leaves and dead plants. So, what may be the problem?

The major problem may be overwatering! When you water your plants, sometimes you forget that overwatering can be as dangerous as not watering the plant at all. When you go on a holiday, you shouldn’t water your plants with extra water, in order to satisfy their needs during your absence, on the contrary you should put someone in charge of the watering while you’re away. By doing so, your plants will be properly watered and well taken care of.

The problem with overwatering is that the soil will become soggy and impossible for oxygen to get to the roots of the plants and this is also the reason why roots rot and the plants die.

In order to avoid such problem, there is one amazing ice cube trick which will do wonders for your plants. Instead of regularly watering the plant, try this simple trick which will prevent your plants from wilting or dying.

Add some ice cubes or one if, it’s a big cube, and your plant will be getting enough water gradually, instead of all at once. While the ice cube is melting, your plant will have enough time to absorb the water and you will prevent your plants from getting rotten or wilt.

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