How Interval Training Helps You Lose Weight

High intensity interval training has received a lot of praise as an ultimate fat burner for the last two decades since the popular Body For Life book was published. The super-efficient workout is ideal for those with a demanding schedule—you can sneak in a lunchtime workout or quickly get in tip-top shape for an event a month away. Research actually demonstrates you can achieve more progress in 15 minute intervals of training done three times each week than  jogging for one hour.

Is that enough to convince you to give interval training a try? Take a look at these ways it helps you lose weight.

It burns fat faster and longer.

While cardio machines can help make your body fit, high intensity interval workouts help you burn additional calories over time. Choose an exercise you love for high intensity interval training; consider swimming, running, jumping rope, stair climbing, lunges or jumping jacks.

The effects of the intense exertion will kick your body’s repair cycle into overdrive. As a result, you’ll burn more calories and melt more fat in the 24 hours following the workout than you would after a steady run.

A study from East Tennessee State University concluded that participants who followed a high intensity interval training program for eight weeks lost 2% body fat compared to 0% dropped by those that followed a continuous steady-state program. There are the reasons why so many fitness fanatics and athletes are using interval training to their advantage and shedding weight before competition. Even if you aren’t competing, it’s a great way to become healthier and look good for swimsuit season.

You lose weight but preserve muscle.

If you’ve dieted in the past, you know that when you lose fat, you tend to lose muscle too. Steady cardiovascular exercise tends to results in muscle loss, yet studies shows that weight training and high intensity workouts allow those who diet to preserve the muscle and ensure the majority of lost weight comes from stored fat.

If you don’t live in one of the luckiest countries for staying thin, you will probably fall in love with the results you can achieve from high intensity interval training. It’s an ideal way to lose fat without doing hours of cardio.

You will give your metabolism a boost.

Not only will you experience greater fat burning and hold onto your muscle, interval training even stimulates the production of human growth hormone (HGH) by as much as 450 percent during the 24 hours following your workout. HGH is responsible for both increased calorie burn and slowing the aging process. This means interval-training makes you younger on the inside – and the out!

High intensity workouts are challenging, but the rewards are plentiful. The promises of getting more for less are usually a sham, but when it comes to high intensity interval training, it’s the truth.

You should know that the duration of the exercise is short and you’ll be working hard the entire time. So instead of moving mindless on that treadmill, improve your health and get the body you desire with high intensity interval training.

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