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Kate Upton is one of the hottest models in the business. After being on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2012, she quickly made her rise to fame. Most recently in 2017, Kate was on three different covers for Sports Illustrated magazine. Kate is engaged to Justin Verlander, and as the time started getting closer to her wedding, she wanted to be more fit for her wedding and have a better lifestyle in general.

Because of her celebrity and supermodel status, people are always wondering about Kate’s top-secret exercise routine and diet especially as her wedding date approaches.

Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

To become her best self, Kate Upton became extremely focused on bettering her health and lifestyle entirely. Her diet is the main part of it all for Kate. Nutrition is so very important. Eating a lot of lean protein with every single meal is one of the most necessary parts of her diet.

She works with a meal service that delivers her food to her, which typically features about four to six ounces of lean protein in every meal. Salads and vegetables with some type of white meat are sometimes included, but never any type of red meat because Kate simply does not like to eat red meat. Ben Bruno explained to E Online that Upton likes to typically munch on food such as fish and chicken for the meat category, a good bit of vegetables, and unprocessed carbs like brown rice.

Kate’s Diet plays a Vital Role in Her Lifestyle

Not eating any sugar or processed foods is such a vital role in Kate Upton’s diet. This is her main focus. Kate has explained to others that she does not choose between having two courses, such as wine and doughnuts, but she will decide on one item or the other instead. Sometimes Kate even has a doughnut while she is working out; she definitely seems to have the right idea!

Balance plays a crucial role for Kate with her diet, instead of having a specific cheat day, she has wine or doughnuts whenever she feels the need to include them with her meals. Because she works out so hard almost every single day of the week, Kate can afford to cheat every once in a while.

Kate’s Fitness Routine

In regard to her fitness routine, it is important to always be constantly improving! Kate wants to be sure that she is always pushing herself and getting stronger each and every time. Kate’s workout routine begins with a warm-up typically consisting of lateral band walks, stretching, and sometimes even lunges. Her trainer explained to E News that she usually does her strength training workouts in the morning and then cardio in the afternoon hours.

Strength training was one of the main parts to her daily fitness routine, at least one hour daily and sometimes two. After eight months of working on her routine, she could get over 500 pounds with her sled pull. In the beginning, she could only pull about 180 pounds roughly. Ben Bruno, Kate’s trainer, has explained that she works out as hard as any athlete he has ever trained.

Upton has gotten so strong by using strength training consistently over the past months. She has most definitely come a long way from when we first laid eyes on the model.

Her workout routine consists of dead lifts, hip thrusts, lunges, sled pulls, full body workouts and many other types of exercises. Kate goes through her workout without resting for the most part, and that includes a cardio component as well. The ending portion of her workout consists of her conditioning exercises, such as sled pushes and pulls that are weighted.

Her trainer, Ben Bruno, is amazed at how strong she has become over the past year and a half she has been training with him. Bruno explained to People Magazine that she can dead-lift over 200 pounds, sled pushes with over 500 pounds, and bear crawls with over 300 pounds.

Kate Made Changes to her Lifestyle to Be Stronger and Healthier

Kate has explained to many different media outlets that she has simply changed her way of thinking in terms of working out and feeling great about her body. “Changing my workout and focusing on weight training helped me do that (become strong and healthy.) It helped me think about my body as a machine and less of something people can judge me on,” stated Kate to People Magazine.

Changing the way that she works out, as well as focusing on her diet, has made Kate into a much more sought-after model than she already was. With her Marilyn Monroe curves and bodacious blonde hair, she is swiftly becoming an icon in more ways than just one.

Kate brings Harley with Her to Work-out

Kate Upton is very self-motivated and loves to compete with Chelsea Handler on her workouts. Kate usually even brings her dog, Harley (who has his very own Instagram), to every workout, as he goes everywhere that she goes. Upton has stated that sometimes she goes on afternoon hikes with her dog, even after her morning workouts.

Throughout the California hills, Upton often takes pictures of her dog accompanying her on these various hikes or adventures. She seems to be very dedicated to having a great physique, as well as wanting to include her dog in all parts of her life; having a partner, whether an animal or human, will always encourage a person to work out to their fullest potential.

No Magic Secret, just Hard Work and Dedication

There is no magic secret miracle to Kate’s or any model’s workout routine or diet. It is a great deal of hard work, discipline and incredible motivation. A desire to succeed and a big commitment to being healthy and staying with the workout routine is also important to have as well.

Being sure to lift weights safely and correctly each time is just as important as the diet portion of a healthy lifestyle. It is crucial to do a variety of things to ensure your lifestyle is at its best and healthiest; mimicking Kate Upton’s routine is not a bad place to start!

Mike Jones is sure that the 80/20 rule should be in everyone’s mind when dieting. It allows you to enjoy your guilty pleasures while working towards your weight goal. Also, Mike is a firm advocate of working out when wanting to have a slim body. His website, Defend Your Healthcare, focuses on fitness programs reviews and providing useful tips for anyone looking to lose weight without damaging their health.
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