Learn About Various Procedures That Are Used to Get Rid of Body Fat


The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world is known as liposuction. It involves the process of sucking fat out from under the skin. Also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture, it is a procedure that can be applied on many different parts of the body so as to get rid of fat and promote a healthier, more beautiful figure. This procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

They utilize a piece of equipment that is known as a cannula. It is hollow and is attached to a suction system. Thus, the surgeon inserts it under the skin, breaks up the fat and sucks it all out. Liposuction can be done using sophisticated technologies and high levels of skill. Do you want to know more about where you can get it done as well as the details of liposuction? Read on.

The New York Liposuction Center

There are many locations around the world where you can get liposuction performed. One of these is the New York Liposuction Center. It is run by Dr. Arnold Breitbart. He is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. By using a variety of sophisticated technologies and skill in applying minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Breitbart is able to provide the liposuction service to hundreds of patients every year.

At the New York Liposuction Center, every patient receives personalized care. In addition to that, a special, tailor-made treatment is crafted for every patient who comes to the center. This is so as to give you the best results possible. Which liposuction solutions can you get at this location? Here they are.

Various liposuction solutions for you

Dr. Breitbart has developed a variety of technologically driven liposuction solutions for you. Each of these solutions utilizes advanced tech and combination strategies to give you the best liposuction treatment possible. The solutions available to you include:

  1. SmartLipo
  2. Cellulaze laser
  3. ProLipo Plus
  4. Precision Tx laser

These solutions are ideal for performing liposuction and getting rid of all your unwanted body fat. In an effort to look as attractive as possible, some patients normally opt for a procedure that is known as fat transfer.

What is fat transfer?

This is a procedure that can be performed after liposuction. It is where the fat cells which have been sucked out of their bodies are harvested, purified and transferred to another part of their body. This is done to increase volume in the other part of the body. Dr. Breitbart and many other cosmetic surgeons around the world normally perform this procedure so as to complement a session of liposuction. Some people prefer to have this fat transferred from their abdomen to their butt.

This creates a Brazilian Butt Lift. Others prefer to have it transferred to their faces so as to develop a nice facial curvature and better volume. A fat transfer has permanent results. The effects are long term and last for the rest of your life. The cosmetic surgeons make use of special tech to ensure that the fat cells which are used in the fat transfer are kept pure and healthy after liposuction.


If you want to get rid of the fat in your body that prevents you from looking as attractive as you want, liposuction is the method to use. You can get a high quality liposuction procedure done at the New York Liposuction center. Dr. Arnold Breitbart can provide you with this service and ensure life-long, positive results.

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