All you would like to know about soy, the rich source of vegetarian protein


Vegetarians or vegans are always in search of protein rich diet that would fulfill their protein requirement easily. Opting for natural source of protein is always recommended for those looking for the long term advantage.

Soy has been acclaimed for its versatile nature and high protein content that makes it fit for various recipes. The best part about soy is that it also offers great milk and cheese substitute to vegans. The taste and texture of soy has grabbed it a place in global cuisine.

History of Soy

Soy and soy products are derived from green colored beans called soybean. These beans were originally found in East Asia, but now they have sought place on world map. Food and nutrition experts have found various applications of these green edible beans and have also classified them as oilseeds. Soy is believed to be great food for health, but still there are mixed views regarding the same. The health quotient of soy would depend on the type of soy you consume. You will get both natural high quality soy and processed or treated soy. The kind of soy you include in your diet may decide your health.

What does soy have in store for you?

Soybean is the nature’s gift to vegetarians if used in moderation. It is packed with various health advantages if you know how to balance soy intake.

  • Health benefits of soy

The various health benefits of soy are explained here –

  • Good for heart and hypertension– Heart health is becoming a big concern amongst people of all age groups. Pollution, poor diet habits, and stressful life has made heart vulnerable to sudden failure. Hypertension is another problem caused in current scenario. Soy contains isoflavones that further promote the production of nitric oxide effective in lowering blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.
  • Fights cancer – This is again debatable issue. Some studies have shown that excess soy consumption leads to cancer. However, these studies are carried out on animals that were consuming soy in excess. Human consumption is quite low compared to what has been studied; hence this conclusion may not stand valid for humans. In fact, many studies have shown that soy controls abnormal cell growth and have proven to be good for preventing many types of cancers.
  • Enhances bone health – Bone health is the big concern as you grow old. Osteoporosis may affect your normal activity level and may result into frequent fractures and bone related issues. Soy has shown noticeable effect on bone health. Regular consumption can prevent bone problems occurring with age.

Soy has various health benefits but yet one may take care of following few things while including it in diet –

  • Consume it in moderation.
  • It contains allergens, so go easy on consumption. Check it for allergy if having it for the first time.
  • It’s heavy on digestion, so balance it with fruits and light meal supplements for proper digestion.

Soy is miracle food that can be consumed in different forms, but make sure that you consume only right quality soy for best results.

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