Little Known Chinese Herb Naturally Kills Cancer In 40 Days!

Marketers resort to all kind of tricks to allure as many readers as possible to their products, but this is not a cheap trick. The Chinese life-saving plant Thunder God Vine is now at its highest! Even scientific communities attribute merlin-like power to this herb to eliminate cancer cells.

Tests conducted time and again on experimental rats, previously diseased with cancer cells found in human pancreas, rendered more than encouraging results. Miraculously, within only forty days, every trace of cancer was literally wiped out!

The lifeless small mammals continued their living cancer free evidently! Researchers now need financial means so that they can continue the research and start healing humans.

The origin of Thunder God Vine or Lei Gong Teng in Chinese was found in an ancient Chinese medicine used for treatment of various diseases and notably the auto-immune disease rheumatoid arthritis. Among the problems the plant is effective with the Chinese noted edema, fever,chills and carbuncle.

Since the herb was effective with rheumatoid arthritis, scientists figured out it might be effective with other auto-immune diseases like cancer in the first place. Exactly the researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Centre discovered that its compounds can completely wipe out pancreatic tumors in laboratory rats. 

So, what is the secret miraculous element present in this herb? The element is called triptolide. It is able to induce apoptosis or cell death in the cancer tissue.

A scholar study reveals that the apoptosis induced by triptolide is influenced by directly regulating the gene known as caspase-3 or Bax. The gene is mainly associated with apoptosis and for this reason it was targeted in the study.

Then another study done at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center also confirmed the previously reached results. Upon being subjected to a 40-day-treatment with the herb Thunder God Vine, the examined participants’ screeningsdid not show any presence of cancer cells.

They were gone as if never present! Hence, The Science Translational Medicine journal gave a merited promotion to this herb.The results obtained fueled scientists’ hopes that the plant could be the possible cure for many other forms of cancer due to the high level of triptolide in it.

So, could it be that natural plants which cure cancers have been right here, in front of our noses, all the time?

Have we lost so much precious time on producing ineffective modern chemicals? We certainly have! Modern medicine and the rich corporations which are backing it up in order to fulfill their secret agendas are most to blame.

Even though Thunder God Vine is cheap, it is believed that once the scientists come up with a drug based on the plant these cruel drug companies will only sell it for a huge amount of money.

However, people don’t have to say: “What cannot be cured must be endured.” Not any longer! Because Mother Nature has given them a chance to overcome that pessimistic stance!