How to make Your Face Beautiful with Lip Augmentation?

If you are someone who has been blessed with thin lips instead of full, plump ones then we are sure you may have felt sad about it at some point in your life. This is because thin lips can be difficult to line or put makeup on or even to take care of. Over lining is a process that has become quite popular with makeup fanatics but properly done over lining only slightly increases the fullness of your lips and even so it takes a lot of practice to get right. This is where lip augmentation comes in.

Lip augmentation is the process of achieving full, plump lips by undergoing a procedure. It is a process which has become very common lately as it has become quite easy to perform and is not a very costly procedure either. It is mostly done by injecting fillers into the lip. These fillers can also be referred to as dermal fillers or hyaluronic fillers.

If you are seriously considering undergoing the process of lip augmentation it is best that you get some professional consultation first. Skinclub is a website where you find highly trained dermatologists who are available 24/7 to give you whatever advice you may need for any procedure you might want to consider undergoing for your skin and lip augmentation is one of them.

Although we cannot give advice as professional as the dermatologists from Skinclub or any dermatologist for that matter, we will give you some tips and considerations about the process to make the decision easier for you.

Initial Days:

First of all, you should remember that when you do get fillers injected in your lips, it looks quite unnatural and awkward at first no matter how minor your procedure was. So if you see yourself looking weird in your mirror, do not freak out. Remember that no matter how many injections you received, eventually your lips will start looking more and more natural and will eventually sit well on your face and make you look beautiful.


It is obvious that when you do get lip augmentation done you will start to look different from what you did before. If people point fingers at you for looking different then you should just ignore. But, even so, you must remember that in the end you are going for a fairly natural look since you are probably not a celebrity who can pull off looking unnatural. This is why you must make sure that your lips are well proportioned to your face. Lips that are bigger than necessary kill the whole purpose of looking beautiful as physical beauty truly lies in the proportions you have.


Although permanent lip fillers exist, most people still opt for the temporary kind. Some people fear that their lips will sag and look ugly if not injected regularly but according to most people who have had the procedure they just go back to their original form.

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