How To Make Your Own Party Beer In 10 Easy Steps!


Almost every guy dreams of enjoying sports, while sipping cold beer, eating pizza and nacho’s with it! Wouldn’t’ it be nice if you could be able to make your own, home-made beer that you can enjoy occasionally with your buddies?!

Here is how you can do it in 10 simple steps!

Before you start brewing your own beer, you should take care of the following:

What You Need to Do Before You Start Beer Brewing? 

  • Make sure you have all the ingredients
  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment (a list of recommended equipment is given here below)
  • Make sure the hygiene is on an extremely high level (sanitize the equipment beforehand as the beer can be spoiled at any stage of brewing)

Basic Beer Brewing Ingredients

  • Malt Extract –  one 40oz. can of any flavor you like ( light, dark)    
  • Yeast –  1 tsp brewers’ yeast   
  • Sugar –  6 – 7 cups of regular white sugar; corn sugar is even better (in this case use 8 – 9 cups)

Beer Brewing Equipment List

A complete equipment list: 

  • 10 gallon pail
  • Thermometer or hydrometer
  • 12 plastic bottles of 2 liters
  • 1 large cooking pot
  • 1 large spoon for stirring
  • Siphon and clamp
  • funnel

10 Beer Brewing Easy Steps

Step 1 – take your plastic gallon pail and pour 10 liters of fresh water into it

Step 2 – take your large pot and put 7 liters of water to boil

Step 3 – pour your malt can extract into the boiling water and stir for approximately 20 minutes

Step 4 – then add your sugar, stir with a spoon and continue boiling

Step 5 – once you notice that the sugar has dissolved and it has cooled off a bit, take the contents from the pot into the gallon pail; make sure you have added the contents rather quickly in order to create additional air for a better yeast activation later on 

Step 6 – add some water (better to use bottled water; tap water is also ok, only make sure that you kill all the bacteria by boiling the water first) make the temperature neutral and check it with a thermometer / hydrometer 

Step 7 – add your yeast and stir in thoroughly. Put the lid on the top of the gallon pail. Make sure that the lid is not too tight due to carbon dioxide that can cause explosions during the brewing process. 

Step 8 – let it rest for 6-10 days and don’t open unnecessarily. Keep the content at the temperature of 24-26 C or approximately 75-78 if you want to speed up the process, otherwise it is better to keep it at the lower temperature of 16-20 C or approximately F 60-68. 

Step 9 – use your thermometer or hydrometer to see if the beer is ready for bottling. You can also simply judge its readiness by trying its taste and if sweet or too bubbly, it is still not ready enough.

 Step 10 – bottle your home-made beer into your plastic bottles (don’t stir too much in order to avoid stirring up the sediment and frothing); additionally, leave some space in bottles for air 

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