How To Make Your Roses Bloom Like Crazy With Banana Peels And Coffee Grounds


A garden without roses is like the sky without stars. These fragrant beauties are a perpetual symbol of romance and delicate beauty. Each colorful variety glows with special loveliness.

Every gardener should learn all they can about rose care if they want their roses to be healthy and bloom plentifully.

Choosing a good planting spot is the first step to provide good conditions for the roses to grow. Roses enjoy being exposed to at least 6 hours of sunshine every day and they thrive in well-drained soil that is rich with nutrients.  

It is a well-known fact that plants take in the nutritive substances from the ground and create their own food in the leaves through the process of photosynthesis.

We need to ensure that the soil does not get depleted from the essential ingredients necessary for the roses by adding different kinds of fertilizers to it.  

The three vital minerals that roses must have in order to grow and be healthy are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. They also need magnesium and calcium.

What do these minerals do for the roses?

Potassium strengthens the plants’ immune system and protects them from insects and illnesses. It also gives them strength to survive more severe climate changes. How can you recognize a plant that does not receive enough potassium? Its stems are fragile, the buds are not developed and its leaves are yellowish brown.

Magnesium helps them produce more flowers and gives brightness to the color. It is also responsible for the beautiful deep green color of the leaves.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are vital for the roses to develop and grow. Calcium fortifies the cells, making the stems strong.  

Organic, homemade and inexpensive fertilizers can be made from the two ingredients we all have in our homes: banana peels and coffee grounds.

What makes bananas and roses a perfect match?

Most of us eat bananas on a daily basis, knowing how nutritious they are. This does not put an end to their usefulness. Banana peels can be used as a a perfect cost-free organic fertilizer for our roses since they abound in nutritious minerals phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur.


How can you add bananas to the soil?

  • It is recommended to chop up banana peels since this will speed up the decomposition process and allow the plant to absorb the mineral much sooner.
  • Adding chopped bananas to the compost is one way to supplement the soil.
  • Another way is to bury the fruit and the peels directly in the soil, at the plant base. You can repeat this procedure monthly. In this case, it is advisable to add a small quantity of nitrogen fertilizer to the soil as well, because nitrogen is needed to decompose the other ingredients.
  • You can make a mash by cutting 3 ripe bananas into small pieces. Pour one pint of water into a blender and add a couple of eggshells and the chopped bananas. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to allow them to combine and put 1 cup of the mixture around the plant’s bed. This should be repeated every month during the growing season.
  • Why are coffee grounds beneficial for the roses?

They will enrich the soil with their 2 percent nitrogen content.

We must note that coffee grounds are only used as a supplement, not as a  nitrogen fertilizer.  

The microorganisms in the soil will use their nitrogen content to grow and reproduce, so additional nitrogen should be added to for the plant roots to absorb.

The Oregon State University Extension Service also recommended coffee grounds as a wonderful nitrogen-rich compost ingredient.

They are worth recycling since they enrich the structure of the soil.

Their pH level is close to neutral, ranging from 6.5- 6.8 pH.

How can you use coffee grounds?

-Simply cultivate some coffee grounds into the top layer of soil around the rose beds. You can alternatively spread a thin layer of coffee grounds and cover it with dried leaves, bark mulch or compost. These ingredients will not allow the coffee grounds to dry out.  

-Enrich your compost pile by making alternate layers of 1/3 grass clipping, 1/3 leaves and 1/3 coffee grounds.

-You can add them to the existing heap of compost, having in mind that the same amount of carbon needs to be mixed together with them. Dry leaves or shredded paper are a good source of carbon. 

Your roses will reward you bountifully for taking care of them. You will soon be able to enjoy their beauty and breathe in their divine fragrance in your garden.


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