Medicinal Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves

Guava Fruit

Guava fruit is very famous for its health merits. It can be found almost anywhere in Asian countries, where it is very popular. However, you can also find it in the West available for you to enjoy it. It looks pretty much like a pear, having white/maroon inside, with greenish/yellowish skin and a soft texture.

People usually eat it raw or in the form of refreshing juice, but there are also jellies and jams made of guava.The major commercial producers of guava fruit are India, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan, as well as Hawaii in the USA.

This fruit has a very distinctive taste and smell, which is very appealing, but you can also benefit from its abilities that can boost your health. Science continually proves thatthe fruit and the leaves, as well as the bark have these abilities.

Nutritious facts about Guava fruit and its leaves

Guava contains a great deal of Vitamin A and C, among other nutrients. Apart from these vitamins, it also contains minerals, as well as flavonoid and antioxidant poly-phenolic compounds that all contribute to its beneficial abilities. It also has a great amount of dietary fiber, making it a bulk laxative, and a cancer-protective fruit.

It has been proven that Guava fruit has 10 times the Vitamin A found in a regular lemon and 4-5 times the Vitamin C found in one orange. The fruit also has vitamins K, E and B2, iron, phosphorus, copper, folate, potassium, calcium, and manganese.

What makes this fruit so special is the way to cultivate it – it doesn’t need a lot of chemicals that are required for cultivating apples, grapes and other fruits. Thus, the fruit stays fresh and with as little chemicals as no other fruit.

Health benefits of consuming Guava fruit

There are a lot of health benefits of guava, and these are some of them: cancer prevention, treating eyesight, scurvy, diarrhea, constipation, brain health, high blood pressure, cold, thyroid health,cough, weight loss, diabetes, maintaining oral health, and boosting the immune system.

– In terms of cancer prevention, studies show success to preventing oral, breast, and prostate cancer, particularly because of the ability to prevent the cancerous cells from growing. Additionally, the antioxidant lycopene, found in the guava fruit, reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer and it also prevents breast cancer cells from growing, studies have shown.

– Because of the richness of vitamin A found in guavas, they can efficiently improve vision. Moreover, they help for some diseases such as cataracts to be slower in their appearance and they also help to get an improvement of eyesight as well.

– The insufficient amount of vitamin C can be the cause of the dangerous disease called scurvy and because guavas contain 4-5 times more vitamin C than oranges, they can be beneficial for the intake of vitamin C as a cure to this disease.

– Studies also show that the astringent qualities of the guava fruit lower the diarrhea symptoms and loose the bowels. Vitamin C and other nutrients help in making the digestive system more strong and disinfected. It also helps in forming healthy bowel movements, cleaning the intestines and the excretory system as well as keeping water in the body all with the help of the dietary fiber it contains.

– Newest research indicates that people can sharpen their focus and boost their brain function by eating guava. This happens because there are several B vitamins in the fruit, including B6 and B3.

– Guava is also successfully used to lower blood pressure, a common issue that people cope with. It works by reducing the cholesterol in their blood and it keeps the fluidity of blood in order, all thanks to the richness of fiber converting to sugar, which is the process in the body that reduces blood pressure. This fiber also helps patients suffering from diabetes, because it regulates the sugar absorption in the body.

– When dealing with a cold, just one glass of guava fruit juice will put it under control, because it reduces mucus, stops the microbial activity in the body and prevents the infections because of the rich amount of vitamin C.

– For regulation of the thyroid disorder, this fruit can be also used because it contains copper. Copper helps for proper function of the thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is one of the vital glands in the body and the whole organ system depends on its function. Thus, consuming guava achieves balance in the hormone system.

– One of the most popular benefits of the fruit is its help in losing weight, particularly because of the nutrients it contains. Guava has a lot of minerals, proteins and vitamins, but no cholesterol and no sugar, which makes it the main meal of peopledo not do any physical activity. Moreover, it satisfies your appetite very easily and you don’t need to consume it in large amounts.

How are Guava leaves beneficial?

Guava leaves are equally nutritious as the fruit and they can be usedto make a wonderful healthy tea in order to boost the immune system. The leaves are considered to be a natural pain reliever, and they are especially helpful for treating skin and hair issues.

Whether you enjoy a freshly squeezed guava fruit juice, eating it in as a snack between breaks, ordrinking it on a cold winter night, guava makes wonders for your body!