MOLD Is A New Hidden Pandemic Sweeping Across America

The bad impact mold has on us as living bodies is mostly underrated nowadays. Having mold in your house has become a non-resolvable issue that you are probably not so worried about. Newest researchers give warnings and recommendations for treatment in terms of the toxic effects that mold can have on your body.

Such an expert on health and a doctor of philosophy in cell biology (UCLA School of Medicine) is Dr. Jack Thrasher. He has a lot of recommendations and discussion topics about mold as he has great knowledge on this subject. As he points out, mold can produce dangerous very rapidly. According to Dr. Thrasher, it can also produce chemicals that act in a bad way – suppressing the immune system.

Is mold a secret American pandemic?

Dr. Thrasher claims that we should all take action because mold in our homes is becoming pandemic. Statistics say that 40% of the schools and minimum 25% of our homes are badly affected by mold and the reason behind that is the poor construction.

He remembers his childhood homes built with genuine lath and plaster from the inside, whereas nowadays walls have wallboards, which produce various types of mold. Also, homes having basements don’t have water barriers. In this way, all the water turns into moisture from the basement and humidity is increased in the house.

This humidity then turns into mold and bacteria. Another warning is connected to the drainage from your roofs, so be careful about that one, too. Other common reasons why mold is thriving at your home might be improperly sealed bath tubs as well as improperly sealed sinks.

Mold goes along with dangerous bacteria


‘Gram positive’ and ‘gram negative’ bacteria are the “partners” of mold. These bacteria grow along with mold because they thrive on moisture and organic material. The combination of mold and bacteria can be even more harmful to the body and worsen the inflammation processes in the body.

What are gram positive bacteria?

Gram positive bacteria contain various cocci, bacilli, as well as the group actinomycetes, which contain the bacteria mycobacterium. Mycobacterium type of bacteria can cause serious health conditions such as mycobacterium avium complex.

This condition starts by harming the lungs and then spreads throughout the body, resulting in hypersensitivity pneumonitis or asthma. Apart from mycobacterium, there are also streptomyces, which as a type of bacteria can create various antibiotics in the indoor environment.

What are gram negative bacteria?

When gram negative bacteria die, they leave their cell walls (endotoxins), and because they are inflammatory, they can lead to developing asthma very quickly.

This is why all of the homes need to be checked so that you can detect whether there is mold and how to deal with it. Dr. Thrasher recommends:

  1. Identification of the source

– Check your house visually (mold has a musty and mildew odor).

– Use a moisture meter if there aren’t any traces of mold. The moisture should not exceed 12% in wood flooring, or 15% in exterior walls.

– Do a 24-hour monitoring (hire a high-level mold expert).

– Take a sample from the mold to test in a lab.

  1. Finding a remedy

As soon as you’ve found the source, you have to protect the rest of the house from the contaminated area and do whatever it takes to wall the area off. Organic materials need to be removed and replaced, whereas metal objects can be cleaned off. 

Use a good active air purifier to control the mold, but make sure to understand that it will not help you solve the issue. All you need to do is stop the water intrusion and clean the mold’s source. For this, you need a good expert so don’t trust everyone but look for certified professionals from some of these organizations (IICRC, ACAC, The IAQA, RIA, NORMI).

What to do if you have a small surface affected with mold

Dr. Thrasher advises against using bleach and ammonia to kill mold, because you will be left with no visible mold, but a lot of toxins released in the air. What is worse, the mold will come back again after some time. According to him, it is best to use simple baking soda with vinegar to wipe the mold off. You only need a couple of tablespoons baking soda. First apply vinegar, then baking soda.

Should you use an ozone generator?

Dr. Thesis does not recommend using an ozone generator, unlike other people who are recommending it. He states that ozone can irritate your lungs as well as your mucous membranes. These generators can also be dangerous to plants and pets.

Are your health issues connected to mold?

Here are some common heath issues that occur because of bad air quality indoors or toxic air:

-Depression, headaches, frequent fevers, asthma (breathing issues), muscle wasting, neurological issues (forgetfulness, bad concentration), skin rashes, chronic sinusitis, joint pains, digestive issues (dysbiosis, leaky gut, frequent diarrhea).

If you are experiencing some of these conditions, you might as well have poor indoor air quality because of mold. Many respiratory infections such as bronchitis can be connected to having mold at your house. You really need to reveal whether mold is the main cause for your health issue. If it is, then antibiotics won’t help you, but they might worsen the condition.


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