Native American Tea Cures Cancer – Kept Secret For Over 100 Years

He eventually came upon a woman in Detroit, who chooses to remain anonymous, who was cured with Essiac tea of what was diagnosed as incurable cervical cancer. She had the original formula, and Gary bought it from her. Then Gary went to Canada to interview Mary McPhearson, a close personal friend and assistant to the nurse Rene Caisse before she passed on in 1978.

There Dr. Glum also confirmed the authenticity of the formula he had purchased, and uncovered enough information about Rene Caisse and her work to begin writing his book, Calling of an Angel. In that book, Dr. Glum told the story of Rene Caisse, and he told how and where to get the formula, which since has been disseminated all over the western world.

Gary Glum had to self-publish the book because it was so threatening to the cancer industry, and there was the danger of death lawsuits on publishers since the Essiac tea was not FDA approved. So, no one would risk publishing it. That book and his second, Full Disclosure, which reveals the true source of AIDS as a manmade and the depopulation agenda, put Glum in harm’s way for some time.

He was harassed by the U.S. Marshals and almost completely financially ruined by bogus IRS claims, and a Naval Intelligence operative later threatened his life and the lives of his family if he continued publishing his 2 books. Only a few of Gary’s books are still available, but there are summarized .pdf versions available free online.

Here’s what Dr. Glum had to say about the Essiac tea for AIDS in an interview in 1990:
“I also worked with the AIDS Project Los Angeles. They had sent 179 patients home to die. They all had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. Their weight was down to about 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Their T-4 cell count was less than ten.”

The Project gave me to treat 5 of these patients. I took them off the AZT and the DDI and put them on Essiac tea only three times a day. Those are the only ones alive today. The other 174 are dead. But this information is not being disseminated either, because AIDS is on the horizon as another big moneymaker.”

Dr. Glum also had success with a few cancer patients that came his way. For example, he was involved with treating one young boy with a virulent form of terminal leukemia (a malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leukocytes; these suppress the production of normal blood cells, leading to anemia and other symptoms).

The boy recovered completely with the Essiac tea, only to die later from heart failure. The damage to his heart that caused the failure was traced to his earlier chemotherapy treatments!

While researching for his book, Gary Glum came across Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who was a personal physician for the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch also ran a cancer clinic in Boston, MA. He had Rene Caisse work there with him from 1959 to 1962.

Dr. Brusch treated both his own cancer and Ted Kennedy’s son’s incurable cancer successfully with the Essiac tea. Unfortunately, he was given a “gag order” and told to keep quiet, or he would wind up in prison for the rest of his life!

Expectedly, Dr. Charles Brusch chose to remain silent publicly. However, Dr. Glum, in his book Calling of an Angel, had this quote from Dr. Brusch: “The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely prove the Essiac tea to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in 4 laboratories in the United States and one more in Canada fortify this claim.”

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