Natural Super Antibiotic Destroys All Bladder and Kidney Infections After the First Use!


Whenever you have a bladder of kidney problem, all that pain and urge to go to the toilet means you must seek a good solution fast. If you have such a problem, I am sure, you’d like to avoid all the inconveniences like: going to the doctor, getting an appointment and buying expensive ineffective medicine.

So, why delay the process of solving your problem and while getting involved into a procedure which will last for days, when you can try this homemade natural antibiotic which will get rid of UTI symptoms and inflammation just after the first use. Because it is made of simple ingredients, we should mention that it will also save you a lot of money as well.

What are the symptoms of having a bladder or kidney infection?

You will definitely not disregard the quite alarming symptoms of having a bladder infection, such as:

-Persistent urge to pee

-Burning sensation while urinating

-Passing frequent, small amounts of urine

-Cloudy urine

-Red, bright pink, cola-colored urine

-Strong smelling urine

-Pelvic pain for women

-Rectal pain for men


To prepare the recipe in order to relieve all these symptoms and the inflammation, you will have use the following ingredients:

  • 125 grams (4.4 oz) of parsley root
  • 125 grams (4.4 oz ) of organic lemon peel
  • 125 grams of honey (It is advisable to use Manuka honey)
  • 1 dl of extra-virgin olive oil

Why are these ingredients beneficial for your problem?

Parsley root- Because of its diuretic effect, parsley will help you get rid of the bacteria through your urine and at the same time will reduce inflammation.

Lemon- The Vitamin C in the lemon will help your immune system to produce some infection-fighters and also increase the urine’s acidity. The bacteria will not survive under these acidic conditions,which automatically relieves the inflammation.

Honey-It works best against some antibiotic- resistant bacteria and does not harm the beneficial bacteria in the body, which most of the antibiotics do.

Olive Oil- The oleic acid, which is an antioxidant and antiinflammatory fatty acid, will protect your body from inflammation.


Follow these rules to prepare your natural antibiotic:

First, you should buy organic products to have the best results. Chop the parsley root and put it in a blender. Afterwards add the lemon peel, honey and olive oil as well and mix until you have a homogeneous content. You can put your mixture into a container and keep it refrigerated.

Take half a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach.


Exposure to cold, drinking caffeine and eating sugar will only worsen your problem. So, while avoiding those things, keep in mind that you should drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea to clear the infection.

Both parsley and cranberry tea will be the most helpful for easing your pain. You can also fill up a bottle with hot water and heat the area around your bladder, which will have a soothing effect.