Why You Need an Air Purifier?

With industrialization, urbanization, and all those complicated fancy sounding names hitting our planet, you never know what is in the air. A lot of air pollutants have the property of being invisible and odorless which drives you to believe that you are breathing pure air. But a few signs might tell you otherwise.

The first step to acknowledge the need of an air purifier is to know why exactly you might need an air purifier. Reasons addressed below help you figure that out and if you match any of these conditions, keep yourself on the safer side and use an air purifier.

You’re sneezing relentlessly

Sneezing a couple of times a day is totally normal, but you shouldn’t overlook if you are exceeding the count. Frequent sneezing is a sign that you are breathing something that you are allergic to. Air purifiers that filter most of the allergens contain HEPA and high CADR ratings.

Air around you feels stale and stuffy

Besides keeping the air clean, an air purifier also takes out the bad smell in the air. At times we fail to identify the source of bad smell. If you are worried about leaving a bad impression on your guests because of displeasing smell, you can use an air purifier.

You use varnish and disinfectants

Using disinfectants to keep the floor of your house clean is justified. But since these disinfectants have a chemical formula that proves to be harmful, it is necessary to make sure the unseen particles don’t float in the air. Most of the disinfectants come with volatile organic compounds. But to counter that, there are air purifiers that remove VOCs from the air.

There are dust mites around you

While your vacuum cleaner does most of the work cleaning your house, an air purifier helps you sustain it. You can use an air purifier that runs at a higher speed. One thing you need to make sure is that you are in a habit of cleaning the unit at least once a week.

You or someone in the house has emphysema or COPD

If you have been diagnosed with emphysema, COPD, or any disease of lung, you need to ensure the air is pure. Any pollutant in the air has great probability of worsening your condition. Additionally, it is more about staying prepared and preventing lung diseases by keeping away from air pollutants. With so many vehicles swarming everywhere, it is out of your ability to estimate the quality of air. So, it would always be better to take care of your condition, and preventing any chances of developing the condition in future.

You live near an industrial site

If you inhabit close to an industry, there are good chances it actively discharges air pollutants around you. Besides this, if there is construction going on around you, you are being exposed to particulate pollutants. Whatever the case is, you have no control over the pollutants entering the house. But you can use an air purifier to at least eliminate these pollutants after they enter your house.

It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality air purifier and look forward to a breathe-easy, allergen-free, lifestyle. You’ll find affordable brands with the specification best-suited to your needs and budget – all you got to look around.

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