All You Need To Know About Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when your body will experience significant changes. Everything happens because you are carrying and nurturing a baby inside your body. That means everything you eat and drink, and every action have an impact on your fetus. For fitness mother, you may need to know more about how your diet will need to change for your baby’s best growth.

That doesn’t mean you have to quit your diet or workout routine. On the contrary, proper diet and workout bring a positive effect to the mother’s body and baby’s growth during pregnancy. They work especially well with calm and relax music for a mom-to-be. So, what exactly you need to know about diet during pregnancy?

Say goodbye to familiar strict diet plans

Popular strict diet plans work fantastic on getting the body in shape quick by restricting the consumption of particular food. They try to cut down some calories the body get through eating. When you get pregnant, the body’s nutrient needs increase. The baby also needs various nutrients, vitamin, and minerals to grow.

For the fetus’ sake, a mom-to-be needs to consume more than 300 calories per day. Therefore, say goodbye to diets like Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Raw Food Diet, etc. for a while and shift to more pregnant-friendly plans. You should also eat food from various food groups like fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy products, and bread and grains.

Adjust your diets to benefits your baby


More is not better

Many people hold the idea of the mother eating more makes the baby grows faster. It is totally wrong. At each stage, the fetus needs specific nutrients to develop different body parts and organs. For example, when it is time for the bone to grow, the calcium needs will be higher, and the mother should consume more food that contains calcium.

If you just eat everything, you may end up oversupply nutrients for the baby. He/she may grow big, which some consider great. However, there is always a standard size and weight of a healthy fetus. If your baby grows too big inside the mother body, it will be difficult for both the mother and the baby when she goes into labor.

You will also experience hard pregnancy time for carrying a heavyweight in a long time. Moreover, eating too much makes it super hard to lose weight and regain your dream body after giving birth. Don’t get yourself more troubles.

Eat what you crave for but not everything

During your pregnancy, it is common to experience cravings for some specific food. If they are healthy, feel free to eat. However, if you want to have some junk food, or fast food like hotdog or burger, try to eat as least as possible. Being pregnant doesn’t make these foods good for you.

Fast food and junk food may contain high levels of oil, sugar, unhealthy substances, or even preserve chemicals. These are not good for the human body in general and especially bad for pregnant women. So, try to stay away from them like what you do to some cosmetics that may be harmful to the baby.

Do not eat too much fast food even if you crave for them


Prenatal vitamins and supplements

For the baby development, your body may witness high needs of vitamins and minerals that food only can’t meet. That is when you should consider taking prenatal vitamins and supplements. They are necessary to both the mother’s health and the baby’s growth.

They are not medication; nonetheless, it is a must to consult your doctor before you take them. Because these pills may contain ingredients that are unsuitable to your health condition. Or maybe, you will end up taking more than your body’s needs. The excess amount turns into harmful substances inside the body.

Do not forget water

When you are in the later half of the pregnancy period, you start to feel the weight. It is no longer easy to move around, not to mention to go to the toilet more often than usual as a mom-to-be will have to. Some people choose to cut down the water intake to deal with the situation. Don’t do that!

Your body needs water, more than usual. Your baby needs water. Thirst is not healthy for both mother and the baby.

Be a happy and healthy mom-to-be



Pregnancy is never an easy period. It is hard to cope with at the beginning. However, when you get used to it, it is not the difficult. Sleeping, eating, and relaxing are three most important things a mom-to-be should pay attention to for the baby’s best development. If you are on a diet, change it to what is best for your child. You will not regret when you see your baby girl or boy healthy and strong. 

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Emma is the founder of ShrewdMommy, where she and associates blog about pregnancy advice, parenting insights, tips for mommy. Those experiences will somehow help you in your search for questions about pregnancy and baby tips.

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