Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and How To Do Oil Pulling

Are you longing for whiter and healthier teeth?

If you are, read this short story and help yourself to the beneficial practice in it.
Two months ago I heard an irritated man, called Sam, complaining to a dental doctor: Please, doc, tell me how to improve my oral health without the heavy duty of my toothbrush?! The dentist, of course, advised this patient to pay him several visits a month, so he can fix the problems.

Since dental service is the costliest solution to the problem, I offered myself to help him with a simple cost-free technique. I told him that the moment he starts oil pulling, he will forget about his dentist and his “woe office” for a good while. For obvious reasons, he was eager to try it out and share the new experience with me.

Just the other day my new acquaintance-Sam bragged to me about his teeth that looked brand-new and couldn’t thank me enough for the “recipe”.  I was also content that the practice worked for him just like it had worked for many friends of mine. They are all living proofs that this ancient Ayurveda practice deserves your attention!

What is oil pulling all about?

The unusual practice essentially involves swishing oil around in the mouth. Organic coconut oil is highly recommended for this purpose. Similarly to a mouthwash bought over-the-counter, the oil “pulls” bacteria and toxins out of the mouth and gradually makes your teeth whiter and your gums healthier. 

The practice received scientific recognition as well: many studies have proven that the so-called coconut oil pulling can be extremely beneficial to oral health and hygiene.

Now you understand why there’s more to the saying, ‘health comes on the mouth’. It actually means that your healthy gums and teeth have a good share in your overall state too. People who have an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, or other harmful substances are especially prone to poor mouth health.

No matter which group you belong to, you certainly need to maintain your general health, so I strongly advise you to grease your teeth. Once your smile shines with healthy, pearly teeth, you will have less health issues to worry about!


Here’s the simple oil pulling technique:

1. Start with a tablespoon of coconut oil. If you can’t handle a tablespoon, use a little more than a teaspoon and work your way up to more.
Since coconut oil can be congealed, warm it in your mouth until it liquefies. 

2. Whoosh the oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Make sure it covers all areas of your teeth and gums, but don’t let it touch the back of your throat. Remember: Gargling is not to be done!

3. Spit the oil into a trash can after you are done because oil can clog drain pipes.

4. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with some warm water. Finally, grab your toothbrush and dental floss for some extra polishing.

You see, you are only four steps away from your radiant smile. And I agree completely with you: swirling grease in your mouth may make you feel unpleasantly mouthful for a little while, but it will bring you out of yourself!

To experience optimal health benefits, try to oil pull at least a few times a week, if not every day. People who do it on a daily basis will tell you it has helped them remedy everything from acne and arthritis to headaches and hormonal imbalances!

Here are the noteworthy benefits of oil pulling:

  • It removes plaque. Coconut Oil pulling reduces the bacteria streptococcus mutans in plaque and saliva responsible for tooth decay and dental cavities. A study on youngsters showed that oil pulling delivered comparable results to using mouthwash solutions.
  • It whitens teeth. Coconut Oil pulling can be your dentist when you want to whiten your teeth. You can’t expect overnight results, but some individuals report noticeable whitening results. How does this happen? Well, swishing of the oil triggers an emulsification process, which has been shown to help enhance the oil’s “brushing” capabilities. This mechanical cleansing action helps remove visible stains on the teeth. 
  • It eliminates bad breath over short time. Coconut Oil pulling can also cure bad breath or halitosis with the removal of bacteria. It was found that after only 14 days of practicing it, the results were as good as with mouth washing.
  • It removes toxins that is detoxifies. Research has shown that root canals, mercury fillings and other dental work can often leave behind toxic agents, which are then released into the bloodstream. The antibacterial and antifungal ability of coconut oil pulling can effectively remove toxins from the mouth that may cause infection, inflammation or gum disease.