One Glass Of Red Wine A Day Equals One Hour At The Gym Study Shows

What we have here is a wonderful discovery for regular gym-goers, but which is also good for people who do not go to the gym at all.

Are you sometimes the worse for wear to go the gym and have your regular ‘glass of workout? It’s not a big deal – you can have another equally effective glass. A new study suggests that a glass of red wine could mimic the benefits gained by going to the gym for an hour.

The researcher Jack Dyck, in his research conducted at the University of Alberta-Canada, discovered that a red wine compound-resveratrol provides some of the same benefits as an hour of cross training. “We were excited when we saw that resveratrol showed results similar to what you would see from extensive endurance exercise training. I think resveratrol could help patient populations who want to exercise, but are physically incapable.

Resveratrol could mimic exercise for them or improve the benefits of the modest amount of exercise that they can do. We immediately saw the potential for this and thought that we identified ‘improved exercise performance in a pill,” was Jack Dyck’s statement on the topic. Expectedly, your next question is:

Red or white wine?

Remember this:  Only a glass of red wine counts because a glass of white wine or a shot of tequila will not have the same effect! So, drinking only ONE glass of red wine can improve your physical strength and performance.

But you must stop at the first glass and say: Let’s call it a day! You must not chug one, two or more glasses of wine in order to get better results! Because you will only get drunk and get more calories to burn next time you go the gym!

If youve been to a fancy restaurant, you‘ve probably seen a sommelier — those wine experts who make sure you get the best possible match for your meal. Try out a full-blooded kind of red wine that can take on roasts, casseroles, game and mature cheeses – in other words, all the best dinner-party dishes. Decant it for maximum effect and enjoy the broad texture and fleshy tannins.

And wine experts certainly know that grape sugariness is the most important thing for producing quality wine brands. The standards of performance that oenologists use to judge wine quality include the following:


The relationship of four components — sweetness, acidity, tannin, and alcohol — to one another. A wine is balanced when nothing sticks out as you taste it, like harsh tannin or too much sweetness.


Used to describe a wine that gives an impression of going all the way on the palate — you can taste it across the full length of your tongue — rather than stopping short halfway. Many wines today are very up front on the palate — they make a big impression as soon as you taste them — but they don’t go the distance in your mouth. They are short.


This is another subjective, unmeasurable attribute of a high-quality wine. We say a wine has depth when it seems to have a dimension of verticality — that is, it does not taste flat and one-dimensional in your mouth. A ‘flat’ wine can never be great.


There’s nothing wrong with a simple, straightforward wine, especially if you enjoy it. But a wine that keeps revealing different things about itself, always showing you a new flavor or impression — a wine that has complexity — is usually considered better quality.


The impression a wine leaves in the back of your mouth and in your throat after you have swallowed it is its finish or aftertaste. In a good wine, you can still perceive the wine’s flavors — such as fruitiness or spiciness — at that point. Some wines may finish hot, because of high alcohol, or bitter, because of tannin — both shortcomings. Or a wine may have nothing much at all to say for itself after you swallow.


In order to judge whether a wine is true to its type, you have to know how that type is supposed to taste. So you have to know the textbook characteristics of wines made from the major grape varieties and wines of the world’s classic wine regions.

Spring seems to be delayed, so while there’s still a bit of chilly nip in the air treat yourself to a glass of a delicious full-bodied wine. Instead of going to the gym, warm up with your quality glass of wine!