Top 10 Perennial Plants That Are Grown In Containers

perennial plants

It’s starting to get chilly outside and you probably took all your plants to a place safe to pass the next winter. Especially if you planted them outside, they need special treatment now and it is a pity to have wasted all the energy for planting them over and over.

You need a new plan. You need to start by choosing different plants this season. Many shrubs and perennials can live a happy life for many years in just one container. Now it will be possible for you to save some money by not buying new pots every now and then, but watch your plants grow even more beautiful as seasons pass by.

Are you ready to watch your plants grow throughout the year and come back fresh as seasons pass by? There are tons of available plants to fill your garden or home and some are full of flowers to make your living space wonderful.

Plants act differently when they are in a container compared to when they are in the ground. When in a container, you have to watch out and water them properly, because they depend on you.

Also, some perennials and shrubs can stay smaller when they are in a pot, whereas containers do not insulate a plant’s roots from the freezing winter temperatures, for instance. Conditions are quite different, and that’s why you should choose wisely when putting a plant into a container.

Here are our top 10 perennial plants:

  1. Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’


To start with, we decided to cheer you up with some of the most flowery and colorful one. This amazing plant is flowering like a marathon runner, from tulip time until autumn, when leaves turn brown. It will beautifully mingle into a cottage garden with sun-soaked soil as lavenders and silver artemisia. There is a small hint for keeping this plant fresh in every season, and that is helping it stay young and fresh. You need to remove the straggly leaves or simply take tip-cuttings from side-shoots through summer.

  1. ‘Golden Sword’ Yucca


As you can see in the pictures, the main plants in the container are yucca and bergenia. The container has its specific beauty in every season. When winter comes, the bergenia dies back and other stems come to shine with their color. This plant is so amazing because it can be combined with various plants. It is 2 inches wide and grows up to 2 or 3 feet in height.

The leaves look as swords and they have thin, dark green margins. The centers are golden yellow in color, whereas the edges have curly fibers. If you have enough sun, don’t worry. This spiky plant thrives in dry and sunny conditions. It gets pretty flowery during the summer, with creamy white and fragrant flowers from the center of the plant. Their stems are 3-6 foot tall. These may lose some shine during winter, but they show up again in spring.

  1. ‘Emerald’ Arborvitae


This plant has a special power – it maintains the green color in all seasons, including dry winters! It grows in an upright and narrow way. This makes it so easy to put in a container and combine it with other plants as well. The normal size of the plant is 15 feet height and 4 feet width.

  1. Variegated Redtwig Dogwood


This is a big-in-size plant and it looks very pretty. This plant hides its magic in the leaves, which are gray and green in the center, but leave white margins. Additionally, stems are shiny with bright red color in winter. When putting the plant in a container, place it in full sun to half shade. Also, be careful for it not to get attacked by Japanese beetles during the summer. Early spring is the time when old branches need to be removed.

  1. ‘Fuldaglut’ Sedum


This plant is highly recognizable by the color of its leaves. They are bronze red and turn red during winter. Its leaves are quite large, and luckily for most of you, this plant blooms in late summer – topped with cerise blooms. This goes on for about three weeks and it looks beautiful. The flowers can also be used for making bouquets. Its height is 6 inches, and its width is 12 inches. This plant likes the sun, but will not get mad if you put it in some shade.

  1. ‘Green Mountain’ Boxwood


This boxwood has a dark green color throughout the winter and it grows very slowly. Although growing slowly, it forms a stunning pyramid shape. Seemingly tough and heavy, this plant can thrive in a container because it will be smaller in size. Normally, it would be 5-foot high, but it shrinks into 3-foot high in a container. This plant only requires that you keep it away from winds.

  1. Japanese Pieris


This is a very colorful and cheerful shrub. Its seemingly evergreen leaves will turn into astonishing glossy red to salmon pink or creamy white color in spring time, which makes it so interesting to watch. The flower buds are dark red or pink in winter, and early spring brings urn-shaped blossoms with specific fragrance. Similarly to ‘Green Mountain’, you need to keep it away from winds or strong sunlight.

  1. Bergenia


Bergenia has green, glossy, and oval leaves. These leaves can be long from 10 to 20 inches and 6-8 inches wide. They turn into a burgundy in fall. The season for flowering is early spring and this plant has pink blossoms similar to hyacinths. The flowers have 12-15 inches long stalks. You need to take good care of it by growing it in full sunlight or a bit if shade.

  1. ‘Blue Star’ Juniper


This plant grows low and has blue needles that are pretty tightly arranged and ¼ inch long. When winter comes, this is the plant you will want to stare for hours, because of its beautiful color. It grows slowly up to 3 feet in height, spreading 3-4 feet. In terms of care-taking, this plant likes full sunlight and dry conditions.

  1. Heucheras


Heaucheras are perennials that grow low, whereas their foliage is showy with silver veins and green or purple leaves. They can grow form 12-18 inches in diameter and can have flowers with pink, red, or white blossoms. This plant requires sunlight as well, but will not die if you put it in partial shade.

Do not hesitate and get something started this season! Gardening has never been much easier before! Choose some of these and leave your worries behind for a year long.


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