9 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home!

People are always excited and thrilled when they have to furnish and decorate their own home. When you have something which is your own personal property, the love and dedication towards it is much bigger than decorating an old, rented apartment.

You rely on so many tips and handy advice about how you could decorate your home, that you end up forgetting what you really want and what makes you happy and comfortable. Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying that creating a place which you can call home.

No matter which way you choose to create a happy and positive environment in your home, you can always use some extra help or advice.

These are some tips for making your home a better and more positive place:

  • Always provide a sufficient amount of light in your home, dark rooms create negative feelings
  • Add a personal touch to your home- place some photographs of happy memories or something which is dear to you and causes positive feelings
  • Get rid of everything that drags you into depression
  • Rearrange your home once in a while, furniture, photos, plants- new arrangement will remind you of fresh and positive beginnings
  • Ventilate you rooms- fresh air makes us feel vibrant and lively

However, those of you who want a real change, you can try buying some of the following 9 plants, which are famous for attracting positive energy in your homes:

1.Aloe Vera


This plant is famous for its extremely positive results with skin problems and therefore you can see its soothing nature. Aloe Vera is easily available, you can find it in the nearest flowery and it’s also very simple to maintain, it only requires regular watering.

Besides its appealing and attractive looks, it’s also believed to attract positive vibes and brings luck in your home and kills all the negative energy.

2. Jasmine


Its attractive fragrance helps you relax and release bad vibes accumulated throughout the day. Beside its soothing properties, jasmine is also known as the couple’s plant and it’s believed to build romance and better relationship between the couples.

It’s advisable to be placed in the bedroom or places where couples spent most of their time. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, you will instantly fall in love with this plant.

3. Holy basil


This plant eliminates negative energy and also it’s the only plant which produces oxygen and absorbs toxins such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is part from the Hindu culture and it’s believed that holy basil has healing properties.

This plant is also a powerful antioxidant preventing from conditions like cold and bronchitis. It has great antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can also use its leaves to make tea or water with which you can spray the house and purify your home.

4. Cactus


It’s an extremely appealing plant, which will decorate your home with style and grace. Cacti create a special atmosphere in your home and are believed to protect you from envious people and bad electromagnetic energy from domestic appliance.

5. Bamboo


This plant is extremely fashionable nowadays and many people have incorporated bamboo plant in their home decoration. But few of them know of its other purposes. It cleanses your home from negative vibes, attracting calmness, peace and purity.

Bamboo plant is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Asia and it brings good luck in your home. It doesn’t require a lot of attention and yet it’s a great decoration.

6. Money plant


This plant is believed to attract good luck, prosperity and wealth. It’s advisable to keep it indoors because of its ability to absorb synthetic chemicals from furniture.

You can place it in the corner, because of its nature to grow as a climber or you can choose to grow it as a trailer. Money plant reduces stress, anxiety and eliminates negative vibes from your home.

7. Orchid


Orchid improves the spiritual wellbeing of its owners and according to Feng shui it promotes great energy in your home.

It has an attractive appearance and long lasting flowers with a sweet fragrance. It can make you feel better, absorbs carbon dioxide and it`s a perfect decoration for the bedroom.

8. Rosemary


Rosemary is famous since ancient times, its great medical benefits are only some of the reasons why you should have this plant in your home.

The other reasons are connected with its ability to attract positive feeling and cleanses the air from bad, harmful toxins. It creates a better mood in the room, and it helps its owners to fight against fatigue and anxiety.

9. Chrysanthemum


In Buddhism, chrysanthemum is a symbol of honesty and purity. It absorbs toxins and it was believed to have healing powers. For Japanese and Chinese cultures, the chrysanthemum is more than just a plant, it symbolizes long life and boosts your mood and energy.

It’s beautiful from the outside and just by looking at it, it produces positive feelings. The flowers can be true refreshment to your home, because of their appealing color- you can find them yellow, orange, red, lavender and white. Chrysanthemum prevents tension and stress, so you may as well have one in your office.

Plants can always make your home a warm and comfortable place to live in. Many of these plants don’t require a lot of your time and attention and you can easily turn your home from a dull and monotonous place into a vibrant and lively environment, full with positive energy!

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