Proven Fact – Exercise Is Needed In Slimming Programs


If you lose valuable muscle tissue which is “working” mass – needed to burn out calories, you have a bad perspective, you will get those pounds back again. In that case, the same weight is worse – you have a lower metabolism because of lowering the percentage of muscle mass.

With regular workouts you can have that optimal weight, and achieve optimal health with better nutrition. If you are  older, don’t worry access the exercise with the right information, and gradually advance it. With this story about slimming, you have to use nordic walking as the best workout for obese people.

During one hour of walking with sticks you will burn between 400 and 500 calories. Nordic walking includes around 90% of muscles, which means that the whole body is engaged in exercising. Walking on “all fours” for obese people, makes it easier to walk on for 60 minutes, because there is 30% less ankle tension while they walk.

With the active pushing with sticks we lower the feeling of being pressed downwards by gravity and we enjoy a great deal of health benefits. These new exercises will tighten your abs and glutes, reduce pain in shoulders, neck and lumbar part of pelvis, improve statics of the body, improve mood and get your self confidence back.

After some time you will notice that your body has changed its shape, and you will feel better, no matter how much weight you’ve lost. Five to 7 times a week combined with a healthy  diet, pound by pound, you will get to your goal. Reduce fats up to 1 kg, but optimum is around ½ kg a week, just to avoid eventual negative reactions of your body.

Reduce your intake of calories from 500 to 1000 calories a day. Exercising is a significant component in reducing weight, but you must include it as a part of your daily routine. Everyone, no matter of their age, professional and social status, must pick optimal ways of working out. If we put our body to exercise above our possibility, exercises will be rarer and rarer, and there will be no lost weight. Because of that, set yourself goals suitable for your body.