Raw Honey Is Ideal Before Bedtime To Help You Rid Of Sleeplessness

If something can really disturb one’s life, that is a series of sleepless nights. My friend Ron Malkovich keeps asking me for advice, so I did a little research to help him.

Sleep disorders include a range of problems – from insomnia to narcolepsy – and affect millions of Americans. If you have sleep disorders, then raw honey might not be on your mind because of how sweet it is, but it does help sufferers of chronic insomnia as well as those who only sometimes sleep poorly.

Raw honey is a sweet food made by bees foraging nectar from flowers. Raw honey is different because of its natural composition, to the point where some doctors even recommend it be taken before going to bed.

Dr. Fessenen is among those recommending raw honey as an ideal food for many reasons: to be taken at different times of day for good nourishment, but perhaps most interestingly before bedtime in order to support a healthy night’s sleep.

Raw honey may be one of the most sugary foods out there, but that does not mean it can’t help your body to undergo ‘repairing processes’ overnight.

To achieve this, you must make sure that your honey is really raw and organic since most store brands are imported from distant countries, contain GMO ingredients, and are oftentimes heated so that many of the beneficial substances are lost for “safety” reasons. So, if you can’t find a reliable retailer, it is best to buy raw honey directly from a local farmer.

How honey helps with sleep complaints

Dr. Fessenen notes that raw honey contains an ideal proportion of fructose to glucose to support the liver, an organ that works nonstop (both literally and figuratively) during the sleeping time.

Eating quality raw honey ensures that the liver will have an adequate supply of liver glycogen throughout the day, and taking it right before bedtime can serve as valuable liver fuel at nightAdditionally, when combined with pure spring water, it gives your body most of what it needs to perform its restorative and detoxing functions.

According to Dr. Fessenden, raw honey promotes a truly deep restorative sleep in 2 ways:

1.It allows for an adequate supply of liver glycogen overnight while your body is fasting and stocks are low. He also notes that the average adult liver only has about 75 to 100 grams worth of storage space for glycogen, which varies between men and women of different body sizes. The human body consumes about 10 grams of glycogen during the day per hour, leaving our stores quite low by the time our heads hit the bed at midnight. That leaves less liver glycogen than is needed for regular 8 hours of sleep if you ate dinner at 6 P.M. for instance.

But, if you take 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey before putting on your pajamas and going to bed, you will be re-stuffing your liver with glycogen so that your brain doesn’t trigger a stress response. This stress response often occurs when glycogen is low. The raw honey also contributes to the release of melatonin in the brain, as it leads to a slight spike in insulin levels and the release of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan leads to serotonin, which is made into melatonin in the dark.

2. When you add moderate amount of raw honey to your diet at night, you support a healthy metabolism as your liver goes to work, breaking down the toxins that are ultimately stored in fat cells.

Other health benefits of raw honey

Besides the ability to help us have a restful night’s sleep, without any tossing and turning, the raw honey has a wide range of other health benefits that have been tested over long periods of time.

The raw honey virtually never spoils like other store-bought foods, as it has been found in Egyptian tombs still intact after many hundreds of years. The popular natural sweetener is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, making it excellent for reducing throat irritations, gastric problems, booster for athletes’ performance, and so much more.

Bottom line: No matter how you use your raw honey, keep in mind to buy only organic and raw honey from a local farmer. Indeed, the benefits of raw honey have been enjoyed for thousands of years, but the thing is honey producers just don’t make honey the way they used to anymore (unless you buy it from a trustworthy organic farmer or beekeeper, that is).

I strongly recommend that you try this effective natural alternative to counter sleep problems, just as my friend has. I have never heard him complain ever since he tried it!