Ready For Raw Food? I Don’t Want To Munch On Salad All Day Long !

Brilliant! You don’t have to. Raw food diet is SO much more than that!

When our food is cooked above 118F, up to 90% of minerals, vitamins, protein, sugar, fibres have been altered or destroyed and all enzymes are gone. So what should I eat then you wonder?

Here are some of the healthy things you can enjoy as you eat your way to feeling your best:

– Fresh ripe fruits (ripe is the important word) – Fresh vegetables
– Green leafy vegetables (aka “greens”:)
– Nuts, seeds
– Dried fruits
– Sea vegetables – seaweed/algae (e.g. nori, kelp)
– Untreated oils

Living foods in plants’ life stage when they are producing the most nutrients and protein

– Sprouted legumes / grains
– Fermented items (e.g. sauerkraut, kaffir)
– Soaked nuts and seeds

Healing and medicinal foods:

– herbs,
– fresh wheatgrass,
– medicinal mushrooms

Superfoods to make healing and revitalizing as powerful as possible
– e.g. goji berries, cocoa, maca

These ingredients can be combined in any way that satisfies you:
– Mono-meals – make it simple, “just grab an apple”
– Easy recipes – there are hundreds of under 10-minute recipes out there!
– More complicated recipes – indulge your creativity and taste buds with sumptuous creations from the raw cuisine
– On-the-go – pre-packed bars and snacks (fancy a delicious crunchy and nutritious kale chip?) that do not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives
– Fresh juices – the ultimate health elixir
– Smoothies – fruit and green smoothies are the easiest way to add more fruits and veggies into your diet. Just throw them into a blender with some water..and voila!

You can enjoy all-natural versions of almost any of your favourite meals:
– creamy soups and dips
– lookalikes of pastas, pizzas, hamburgers – taste and nutrition bombs
– salads loaded with flavour
– beyond tasty sauces and dressings
– refreshing and nutritious shakes, smoothies and juices
– deserts that are out of this world!
But you will be getting a cleaner happier body at the same time, with little effort.

The simplest approach to de-mystify the nutrition puzzle:
– Eat raw
Unprocessed, unheated, unrefined, raw. Deliver the highest density of nutrients, proteins, phytochemicals and plant-based medicines to your body
– Eat vegan
Some raw foodists eat raw dairy, eggs, sushi and meat. However, majority of the raw food movement focuses on a largely — if not completely — plant-based foods and do not eat animal products.
– Eat close to nature
Ripe, raw, uncooked, whole, local and organic produce whenever possible.

Eat raw and feel your best!