Ready For Raw Food? I Don’t Want To Munch On Salad All Day Long !

Brilliant! You don’t have to. Raw food diet is SO much more than that!

When our food is cooked above 118F, up to 90% of minerals, vitamins, protein, sugar, fibres have been altered or destroyed and all enzymes are gone. So what should I eat then you wonder?

Here are some of the healthy things you can enjoy as you eat your way to feeling your best:

– Fresh ripe fruits (ripe is the important word) – Fresh vegetables
– Green leafy vegetables (aka “greens”:)
– Nuts, seeds
– Dried fruits
– Sea vegetables – seaweed/algae (e.g. nori, kelp)
– Untreated oils

Living foods in plants’ life stage when they are producing the most nutrients and protein

– Sprouted legumes / grains
– Fermented items (e.g. sauerkraut, kaffir)
– Soaked nuts and seeds

Healing and medicinal foods:

– herbs,
– fresh wheatgrass,
– medicinal mushrooms

Superfoods to make healing and revitalizing as powerful as possible
– e.g. goji berries, cocoa, maca

These ingredients can be combined in any way that satisfies you:
– Mono-meals – make it simple, “just grab an apple”
– Easy recipes – there are hundreds of under 10-minute recipes out there!
– More complicated recipes – indulge your creativity and taste buds with sumptuous creations from the raw cuisine
– On-the-go – pre-packed bars and snacks (fancy a delicious crunchy and nutritious kale chip?) that do not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives
– Fresh juices – the ultimate health elixir
– Smoothies – fruit and green smoothies are the easiest way to add more fruits and veggies into your diet. Just throw them into a blender with some water..and voila!

You can enjoy all-natural versions of almost any of your favourite meals:
– creamy soups and dips
– lookalikes of pastas, pizzas, hamburgers – taste and nutrition bombs
– salads loaded with flavour
– beyond tasty sauces and dressings
– refreshing and nutritious shakes, smoothies and juices
– deserts that are out of this world!
But you will be getting a cleaner happier body at the same time, with little effort.

The simplest approach to de-mystify the nutrition puzzle:
– Eat raw
Unprocessed, unheated, unrefined, raw. Deliver the highest density of nutrients, proteins, phytochemicals and plant-based medicines to your body
– Eat vegan
Some raw foodists eat raw dairy, eggs, sushi and meat. However, majority of the raw food movement focuses on a largely — if not completely — plant-based foods and do not eat animal products.
– Eat close to nature
Ripe, raw, uncooked, whole, local and organic produce whenever possible.

Eat raw and feel your best!



An accomplished professional writer who uses her assets to explore Mother Nature’s herbal remedies, vegetables and fruits for human well-being. For many years, she has been writing articles on health, nutrition, and gardening, based on her own long experience and research prowess.