This MAN Spent More Than A Decade Creating A Garden So His BLIND Wife Could Smell Its Flowers!

Husbands usually give flowers to their wives on Valentine’s Day, on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. There are some who forget to do it altogether, falling into a daily routine of married life.

The same goes for wives: how often do we remember to put a smile on our husbands’ faces by surprising them with a gift or a loving gesture?

And when financial lack, sickness and other kinds of unfortunate circumstances happen, our level of commitment and dedication to the spouse is put to the test.  

Great victories are often achieved through pain and suffering.  The most memorable poetic verses have been written in times of great anguish. Difficult circumstances can turn us into precious diamonds and invaluable pieces of gold if we make the right choices in life.  Allow us to share with you a touching and inspiring story about a man who turned his wife’s sorrow into joy by creating an enormous garden of fragrant blossoms just for her.

How it all began

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki from the town of Shintomi in Japan became a married couple in 1956. They lead simple and laborious but fulfilling lives as a couple on their dairy farm, looking after a herd of 60 cows and raising two children at the same time. Their dream was to travel around Japan in the retirement days.  

Mrs. Kuroki was a diabetic patient but without major complications. When she turned 52, the disease suddenly reared its ugly head, affecting her eyesight so severely that Mrs. Kuroki went blind just a week after the first problems had appeared. Not being able to cope mentally with this loss, she sank into depression and completely withdrew from the world. Her dreams and hopes were destroyed and smile disappeared from her face. 

 In the beginning, Mr. Kuroki was broken-hearted but he desperately wished to put a smile on his wife’s face again, so he began to think of ways to make it happen.

Then he got an idea: his wife lost her eyesight, but she could still enjoy life through other senses. And, if she did not want to go and meet other people, he could draw people to her. One day, he spotted some people who stopped to admire their tiny garden filled with adorable pink “moss phlox” flowers. One glance at cheerfully pink shibazakura blossoms gave him the inspiration he needed.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Mr. Kuroki envisioned a huge garden sprinkled with these fragrant flowers in the place of the dairy farm. People would come to admire its beauty and his wife would no longer spend countless days in self-imposed isolation. So he decided to give up on his life-long occupation and began making plans to create a floral scented landscape that would stretch all around the big property.   


It took him two years to create the basis for the project, which was a laborious task of clearing the area, cutting down the trees, and caring for the young plants.  

After 10 whole years of hard work, Mr. Kuroki was richly rewarded for his unceasing efforts. His purpose was achieved.

The carpet of lovely pink, fragrant blossoms now widely stretches across the whole field around the couple’s house. Their property has become a popular tourist spot in Japan.

Around 7,000 guests all over Japan come to the Town of Shintomi in the spring months to walk around the fragrant colorful fields and to hear the love-inspired moving story.

The old sheds where the cows used to be have been converted into the visitors’ centre where the couple’s story is documented.


The Smile Has Returned

Mr. Kuroki’s goal was to bring smile back to his wife’s face and pull her out of the grips of depression. That is exactly what has happened. She slowly began to show interest in spending her days in the open fragrant field and meeting new people. Mrs. Kuroki now happily goes outside and readily shares her story with admiring visitors, smiling the whole time.

Her sadness has turned into joy. What initially seemed like a defeat has become a victory, all because of her husband’s deep love and dedication. Mr. Kuroki has stayed true to his wife “in sickness and in health”.  

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