Turmeric More Effective Than Prozac At Treating Depression

Healing powers of herbs and spices are known to many – a dash of turmeric in our food isn’t only good for taste or extra nutritional value but it helps us prevent many diseases such as cancer, indigestion problems and high blood pressure.

Scientists claim that turmeric can even combat depression and is more functional than Prozac itself!  Find out how! 

Evidently, herbs have own specific medicinal properties – from strengthening our immune system and increasing our physical resistance to having anti-inflammatory effects.

Turmeric, for that matter, is known to positively influence our psychological health by combating stress, anxiety and depression issues. In a recent Indian study, turmeric was compared to Prozac.

According to the study, turmeric has nerve protective properties and in natural ways relieves depression symptoms. Experiments show that the level of the neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin is increased with turmeric use.

This 6 weeks study treated 60 subjects who suffered from quite severe depression symptoms. Persons who previously suffered from other serious psychological problems or were using several different antidepressants prior to the study treatment weren’t included.

In total, 3 groups were formed – one group received 20 mg of Prozac per day while the other group was taking turmeric 500 mg pills with their meals, twice a day. The 3rd group was a combination group – additionally, they were allowed to use additional medications. 

The researchers’ conclusion was that turmeric may be an extremely safe and effective agent, optionally in combination with antidepressants for persons with rather severe forms of depression (however, not involving suicidal thoughts or other psychotic symptoms).  

To support the scientific theory of the turmeric benefits against depression, it is important to note that also traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine use turmeric extracts for treating stress and depression related disorders.

Turmeric Healing Effects   

Alzheimer’s disease – turmeric acts as a natural preventive agent against Alzheimer’s disease.  It is advisable to use turmeric in early stages of the Alzheimer disease or when it is family inherited. ·      

Bile – turmeric prevents gallstone formation as it stimulates gallbladder emptying. Turmeric decreases cholesterol concentration and helps in fats digestion. ·      

Cancer – turmeric is said to eradicate cancer cells and is effective in the treatment of breast, kidney and lung cancer. Even leukemia development can be slowed down considerably with turmeric.

High cholesterol – turmeric is effective in combating bad LDL cholesterol. It thus prevents cholesterol plaques and lowers our risk of heart disease.

Liver – turmeric protects our liver from alcohol harmful effects. Turmeric combats fatty liver syndrome.

Poor digestion – turmeric helps with poor digestion. It prevents bloating, diarrhea, flatulence and heartburn.

 It gets even better! If you’re looking for the natural ways to prevent arteriosclerosis, chronic eye inflammation, osteoarthritis, colon polyps or psoriasis then simply consume turmeric on a regular basis!

Recommended Turmeric Use 

Turmeric should always be consumed in combination with other herbs and spices. For example, turmeric should be combined with black pepper as the absorption of turmeric is more optimal for our intestinal flora.   



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