Science Says : Beards Keep You Young, Healthy & Handsome

Health benefits of growing a beard

We usually tend to associate beards with hipsters,the homeless and untidy males in general. Yet, there are women who find beard a sexy and handsome ‘accessory’. Besides, men who are fond of that bush beneath their mouth may already have a boon to their overall health without knowing it!Researchers discovered that men with beards and moustaches actually enjoy a number of health benefits owing to them.

What precisely does your beard do for your health? At the University of Southern Queensland, a study was conducted on this topic and the results were published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal.

 You are probably curious how it was done, so here’s method: Researchers left bearded mannequins, along with non-bearded ones, in the blistering sun of the Australian outback and then compared the amount of radiation absorbed by each.The study found that beard blocked 90 to 95% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, thereby slowing the aging process and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

A very important benefit was identified for asthmatic patients as well because pollens and dusts simply get stuck in that lustrous facial mane! To top it, the beard retains moisture and protects against the wind, keeping your looks young and fresh.

Shaving is also the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections that lead to acne.Anyway, you should not forget to keep good hygiene standards if you start growing a beard.This is important because the beard hairs can also spread infection if not properly cared for.

Growing a beard is like wearing a nice suit but never dry cleaning it. It gets a bit wrinkled and you just look like a slob, even though you may have an awesome wardrobe. But if you keep your beard trimmed, cleaned and styled properly, it can make you look like a million bucks – if you do not, it can only detract attention from you.

Here are some handy beard-grooming tips for you:

Get a beard trimmer.

Too many guys these days are walking around trying to rock their facial hair,yet letting themselves down by not keeping it properly groomed.For a more robust solution, you can put together a really nice beard grooming kit for meticulously maintained facial hairs.

Find the right style for your beard.

While there are better styles for certain face shapes, the best way to figure out your style is to test. You can test nearly every style in one go if you take a little bit off here and there until you come up with a perfect shape.

To trim a fully grown beard, clear up your cheek and neck lines and have another look. Take off a bit more and give it a thinner, more defined look. Go down to a goatee with long sideburns, then a goatee with short sideburns, for example. Finally, test out a moustache, why not?

When it comes to styling your longer beard, there’s a lot you can do, but all of that is made much easier with a quality balm. Not only does it style your beard, but it actually conditions it all day too! If you have a single thing in your beard grooming kit, make sure it is a good quality balm.

Pick the right length.

A long thin face can be made to look more full and masculine with a full beard, whereas a wider face with a weak chin can be made to look longer with more hair on the chin versus the sideburns and cheeks. This will also depend on the way your hair grows (thick, medium, or thin facial hair).

Have a manageable routine.

If you don’t keep it up, you’ll end up looking less than groomed and actually do yourself a disfavor by having a beard. Try it out a few times as you’re testing beard styles over a few weeks’ time.Make sure you can keep up the routine you adopted because it can take up more time than shaving with a razor every morning.

Clean your beard regularly.

Use a regular hair shampoo and even a conditioner if you want to give your chin a VIP treatment. Remember to give it a really thorough rinse because if there is even a bit left over and it dries on your face, it can flake during the rest of the day! Fuzzy-faced men would be wise to take advantage of beard washes and oils – essential tools for looking and feeling their beardy best. The best thing you can do to keep it clean and healthy all day-every day is to use a leave-in conditioner (otherwise known as a beard balm).

Keep the neckline and cheek line natural.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is trying to be ‘cool’ and shaving a terrible neckline. Shaving your neck line too high will make you look heavier and chunkier than you are and, generally,it will create a terrible cut between the beard and the rest of head.

There are a ton of examples like this and many inexperienced beard wearers will make this mistake at least once. Don’t fall into this trap! Instead, if you are looking for a full beard that is trimmed a bit for cleanliness, start at, or just above, your Adam’s apple, and make a nice natural line up just behind your jaw bone.

Basically, just follow the line that is already there, but trim it up half an inch to an inch to make it a bit tidier. The same thing goes for the cheek line. Just take enough off to make sure there are no stragglers getting too high up on your face. But keep the line following your natural growth and ensure that wherever the line is, the beard is full all the way through.