The Secret Mantra of a Humidifier and Why You Need One

It’s that time of the year when the weather is getting colder by the day, moisture in the air has completely evaporated and the air is getting drier.

Vapour steam is coming out of every hole in your body and you are there feeling like Mr. Freeze, your lips are drying and peeling off, you are experiencing dry sinuses, bloody nose. Now is the time to consider purchasing a humidifier.

Ohkay! So I don’t get you off guard, you might want to ask what a humidifier is?

Google describes “it as a device that keeps the atmosphere in the room moist”. Basically, if you want to increase the moisture (humidity) in a room then you need a device called humidifier.

In this article, I will be dishing out the secret mantra of a humidifier and why you need one.

Households don’t usually put into cognizance their humidity level. We feel cold, we warm ourselves up. We feel hot we put on the air conditioning. It is important we have a humidifier in our homes to purify the atmosphere.

What exactly do you need a humidifier for?

Okay, so I get it! A humidifier moisture the air, but why do I need one? What can a humidifier do that a normal heater system can’t?

These are questions you may ask yourself. Read on as I explain what a humidifier does and its importance.

Encourages Beautiful Skin

This is one part that might draw your attention. Who does not want a beautiful skin?

One of the bad effects of a cold weather is dry skin, causing your skin to be flaky, your lips to be cracked and peeling leading to sore. This is why you need a humidifier. It soothes your skin such that your skin will be hydrated and your face more supple.

Sleeping with a humidifier at night does the work of soothing your skin.

Stops Nose Bleed

The cold weather can cause your nose to dry leading to pains when breathing, catarrh which could also allow your nose to bleed. Humidifier stops all of that by allowing your nasal passage to be moist and well lubricated for easy breathing.

You can prevent nosebleed that occurs as a result of the dry season by using a humidifier in your apartment or room.

Reduces Snoring

The urge to snore as a result of a dry throat is reduced with a humidifier. The moisture the device produces allows your throat to be well hydrated and relieves the intensity of that annoying sound that you or your partner might be airing out at when sleeping.

Heals Fast

It does not matter the type of ailment that comes with the cold or dry weather, the use of a humidifier in your home allows you to heal fast. If you are prone to allergies, cold and asthma, the humidifier keeps your nasal passage moist thus speeding up the recovery process.

Types of Humidifier

Humidifier varies and it is subject to what you want it for, space and your budget. They are categorized into five (5) types.


This is the type that blows moisture through a moistened filter and eliminates the humidity into the air through a single unit system. In a single unit, fan powers it and moisture are let out. This is one that is affordable but can only be used in one room at a time.

Impeller Humidifier

The impeller humidifier work with the help of rotating disks that runs at a high speed. They are less expensive and like the evaporator, they can only be used for one room. It creates cool mist and does not cause burns thereby, making it child-friendly.

Humidifier Sizes

This is classified into two

  1. Portable or Personal Humidifier – These type of humidifiers are portable and personal, best choice when travelling.
  2. Console Humidifier – This type is meant to add humidity to the entire house. It is very large in size and it is wheeled for easy mobility.

Central Humidifiers

This is the most expensive type of humidifier. It is built directly into your home air conditioning or heat unit. This is a perfect choice to add moisture inside the entire house. Unlike traditional humidifier that causes burn through the steam they release, the central humidifier doesn’t burn, because it does not emit steam.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

The ultrasonic humidifier is the type that produces a cool mist with the help of an ultrasonic vibration. They are available in both warm and cool mist version and they vary in price depending on the size of your apartment. This is a good type of humidifier for children.

What Are The Downsides to Humidifiers? 

Humidifiers are created to sooth the atmosphere and create moisture in a dry or cold environment. In this case, the device does more good in an already bad state.

However, there are certain occurrences that may cause the device to be bad and harmful to us.

  • Without regular care of the humidifier, bacteria and mould growth could build up in and cause harm to the human health. Make sure you clean it regularly with white vinegar and tea tree oil with distilled water or whatever works for you. As long as it is regular.
  •  Endeavour to make your home less humid when you use the humidifier. The ideal indoor humidity according to the Environmental Protection Agency can vary depending on the living space and weather. It is less than 60 [percent] in the summer and between 25 — 40 [percent] in the winter.

Thank you for taking out time to read this. Kindly, leave a comment on anything you might have to say on this. Also, do not forget to share this article.


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