See What WIFI, Cell Phones, iPads Are Doing To Your Child’s Brain–100+Scientists Are Now Petitioning The UN

Modern technology surely eases our life, but the repercussions from its use can be catastrophic!The electromagnetic waves that modern gadgets emit even when they aren’t in use are affecting our DNA and it is no wonder that the brain cancer rate among people who have been raised during the cell phone era is in continuous growth.

What’s more terrifying is that these waves affect small children even more and this is so because children’s skulls are thinner and not fully developed, thus making them more vulnerable to the absorption of this type of radiation.

Dr. Martin Blank has joined a group of scientist from all around the world who are making a petition regarding the dangers connected to the use of electromagnetic emitting devices. He explains that the human body is a complex organism and you’re your body’s biology will fail us if we continue to use cell phones on a daily basis.

Making a choice to be ignorant will further worsen things. It is crucial to understand that electromagnetic waves affect our very DNA thus changing our entire bodily functions and altering our existence as a species.

Many of us already know the negative effect a microwave has when placed in a home, but only a few know that cell phones have the same effect on us even when not in use.

The worst par though is that the use of cell phones use is entirely connected to our health as we place them near our ear/ head/ brain when speaking. We even place them in our pockets, near our reproductive organs and we wonder how so many people nowadays can’t conceive.

The statement was based off of a cumulative decision made by a group of 31 scientists, from 14 different countries, after reviewing evidence that suggested this to be the case.You can read more about that HERE.


The following a video of Dr. Devra Davis, who is one of the most well-respected and credentialed scientists on the dangers of cellphones.

How To Avoid Worrying By Making A Few Changes In Your Daily Life

Fear is a feeling that should be released immediately. It is difficult not to worry when you know that the lives of our dearest are in danger by the use of a simple everyday device, but being frightened will only make things worse!

Instead, you can make a series of simple changes in your life that won’t require living out in the woods far from big cities.

1.Your child’s health is in your hands!Don’t let your child use a cell phone or any other similar gadget.

Children are even more vulnerable to cell phone radiation, so don’t burden them with the responsibility to carry around a cell phone even from the youngest age. They’ll have plenty of time to use the “fanciest” gadget later on in life!

2. Limit the use of cell phones at least when you are at home!

When at home or at work, use a land line instead and try to use your cell phone for emergencies only.

3. When there is low reception, don’t use your cell phone! 

When there is low reception, your phone uses more power, thus emitting more radiation, so limit your use only when you see full bars and good reception on your phone.

4. Don’t put your cell phone on your body when you are not using it!

Stop placing your phone under your pillow, in your pocket, in your bra etc. Instead, you can put it in your bag and use a headset so that you can make calls. This way you’ll be safer!

Other Tips For Shielding Your Self And Your Dearest From Dirty Electricity

  • Try not to use you lap top computer, IPAD etc. in your lap.
  • Electric water beds, blankets and heating pads also emit dirty electricity, so try to limit their use.
  • Your sleeping area should be free from any type of electrical devices, so if you must use any, put them at least seven inches away from your body during sleep.
  • Use flat-screen TV and computer monitors as they emit less EMFs.
  • Walk barefoot! It might seem weird at first, but when we walk barefoot on sand, grass or dirt we are grounding, thus allowing the negative ions from the ground to flow into our body and reduce stress hormones.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps and 100% beeswax candles as they not only absorb the EMFs from the air, but they also serve as natural room ionizes!
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