We all are pretty much accustomed to change the TV channel when a boring commercial comes on, but how about after several tries, you finally give it to see the product that has garnered a lot of publicity and thus, annoyed you out of your gut’s wit. With branded commercials patronizing a human growth hormone turned Hercules potion on your TV sets, why wouldn’t any of their targeted audiences think twice before giving it a whirl?

The era of treating your body with supplementation without consulting a physician or catering to reviews or possible side effects related to its intake has become quite a trend, really. While a majority here might owe their rejuvenation to SeroVital without knowing the potential harm the supplementations might have in the long run, it is highly necessary for us to step in and tell you of the discomfort and side effects of the growth hormone patronizing supplement that has taken the world by a storm.


SeroVital aims to rejuvenate your body system by helping to achieve your goals during your work-out regimen – the ones which you weren’t able to achieve with a mere active brain coupled with an energetic body – and also focuses on fueling your body with increased flow of blood and lean mass development.

These supplementations help you retrieve the lost energy by raising levels of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body. Your pituitary gland gets fired up so that it can regulate the raging hormone levels in your system. SeroVital also claims to be an anti-ageing and weight loss agent, however, science provides no substance to support them, leaving the public at hand for believing something so arbitrary and baseless.


Sure, for 100$ a pack, you’d think what do I have to miss, right? People who tend to buy and use the supplements before consulting their physician tend to experience more Serovital side effects and complications due to unbiased study and claims for health support and body reforms.

Before you go by the positive reviews that anyone close to you might have experienced with its use for a week or so, try acknowledging your body system and the ingredients biology and biochemistry that go into the supplementation.

Each supplement consists of the following active ingredients, which will help you gather a mature understanding of Serovital side effects as enlisted below.

1) L-Lysine HCI: Severe bouts of stomach pain coupled with diarrhea.

2) L-Arginine HCI: Worsens diarrhea and abdominal pain by causing bloating. Severe allergic reactions and hives may arise to potential triggers. SeroVital causes increased risk of hemorrhage so the supplements might prove dangerous to patients taking anticoagulants or those who have bleeding disorders. It can also provoke asthma, gout and lower blood pressure.

3) N-Arctyl L-Cysteine: Further gastrointestinal symptoms such as heartburn and associated restlessness, nausea and vomiting alternating with diarrhea and constipation. You can also experience flatulence and fatigue.

4) Oxo-Proline

5) L-Glutamine

  1. Schizonepeta Powder

Many users have cited to acknowledge hot flushes, joint pain and gout after prolonged usage of the supplements. Owing to its ‘proprietary’ blend nature, we don’t know how much of each ingredient has gone to make each supplement, and whether the packs differ in their amounts or not.

Since their authenticity and science isn’t yet known, we wouldn’t recommend using the supplementation to increase your blood flow or systemic energy. Continue having a healthy diet and a strong work-out or exercise regimen to ensure fitness and get your body in shape.

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