According to UK Fitness Industry Report one in every seven people in the UK is a gym addict, amounting to 9.7 million of active citizens in our country (approx. 15% of the UK population). With an estimate total market value of the fitness industry at £4.7 billion, this means that we have become increasingly concerned with our own health and personal care.

And the whole national race for a slimmer and healthier body doesn’t just stop at there.

In parallel with the increasing amount of concluded gym members all across the UK, the industry of dietary supplements and vitamins aiming to support weight loss and general well-being is growing even more rapidly.

At the end of 2015 the number of British people using these types of products amounted to 46% with the whole industry reaching £414 million pounds and it’s getting bigger every month.

The bad news is, the sheer size of supplement market has made it very open to a customer abuse due to dishonest manufacturers and marketers taking advantage of the whole fuzz around getting fit and slim.

As a result, many uninformed people felt prey to misleading slogans and marketing tricks promising unrealistic results while providing nothing to back them up.

And this is why we at Health Synonyms have decided to begin a new series of professional reviews performed by specialists with a thorough medical background and both knowledge and experience within the field of general healthcare and weight loss.

This week, we’re evaluating a new weight loss formula – Shaper Cut – with the help of doctor Amanda Taylor – a dietician and a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), currently working in a Royal London Hospital.

After each section of this review we asked Dr. Taylor for her professional commentary to guarantee a deep scrutiny of the product in question.


Shaper Cut appears to be one of the most intriguing discoveries of 2017.

This fat burning product managed to get a lot of good feedbacks in UK within the first 3-4 months since its market entry and there’s been a lot of positive thoughts about it ever since.

The full Shaper Cut Formula consists of 2 products: Shaper Cut fat loss pills and an exclusive dietary support for the whole duration of weight loss which represents the kind of approach we don’t often see in the fitness industry.

According to the manufacturer (Kobe Nutrition LLC) Shaper Cut is a new revolutionary way to lose stubborn fat dedicated specifically to all the newcomers who have never before set their foot in a gym or tried any effective pro diet.

The main difference between this supplement and competition is, in theory, a well balanced mix of ingredients which don’t disturb your ordinary way of life with excessive sweating, heart palpitations or any other common side effects one can expect from a typical fat burner.

Looking at the ingredients list and – more importantly – the quantity of active substances released by each of them, it’s safe to assume the safety feature of Shaper Cut makes a lot of sense.

The list is quite lengthy, yet it seems to be well composed:


L- Carnitine 300mg
Citrus Aurantium Extract 300mg 
Green Tea Extract 200 mg
Caffeine 200 mg 
Garcinia Cambogia Extract 150mg
L-Tyrosine 100 mg
Cayenne Pepper 100 mg
Black Pepper Extract 5 mg
Chrome 40 µg



The most important thing when it comes to analyzing fat loss supplements in the ingredients and keeping certain proportions between each one of them.

Looking at the list provided by this product’s manufacturer I can see at least 4 effective ingredients used in weight loss drugs created for medical purposes.

And since every patient has to be treated with a clinically tested drug, all these ingredients have been subjected to hundreds of medical trials, thus confirming their validity in fat loss treatment.

Citrus Aurantium extract, for example, known also as Bitter Orange extract was repeatedly proven to suppress appetite of patients struggling with their body weight and when mixed with pure caffeine, which also happens to be on Shaper’s ingredients, was linked to provide a noticeable boost in resting metabolic rate.

The very same can be said about Garcinia Cambogia extract which not only limits hunger pangs amongst our patients but also directly weakens cell walls of patients’ fat cells (triglycerides), making it easier for your body to dissolve them entirely.

L-Carnitine on the other hand was proven to efficiently optimize fat loss process by increasing internal metabolic rate of fat cell’s mitochondria, making them burn significantly faster.

Moreover, the EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) found in Green Tea extract is a very popular antioxidant, commonly linked to support to ketogenic effects, i.e. put simply “switching” from draining energy from simple carbohydrates such as “sugar” into fat.”



Apart from the pills themselves each Shaper Cut comes with an individual dietary plan, created on the basis of a quite detailed questionnaire, filled out by customers.

This Diet Plan is filled with over 45 various meals to choose from and prepare within approximately 15-20 minutes each.

As mentioned above, we think very highly about the idea of combining fat loss pills with dietary support.

At this point it should be mentioned that the fitness industry is somewhat divided when it comes to acknowledging the importance of tracking your diet when trying to lose weight, presenting valuable arguments for both sides of the argument.

Regardless, our editorial team at HealthSynonyms represents a standpoint that even if keeping a clean diet is not mandatory it certainly can make the whole process both quicker and easier which is why diet plan included with Shaper Cut is a very nice bonus to have.

The whole dietetic system was based on the “freedom of choice” principle. Put simply, it is the consumer who has the right to decide which meal he or she would like to eat during any given day.

The caloric intake has been set up in such a way that every meal from the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack category has roughly the same amount of macronutrients so whichever item you choose, you won’t put your fat loss results into a halt.

In our view, introducing this kind of eating system sounds like a very reasonable alternative to the mainstream “eat dry boneless chicken and rice once every 3 hours and don’t you even think of something actually tasty” dietary routine.

When it comes to the quality of the meals, we noticed they all consist of healthy sources of fats, protein sources and Complex carbohydrates, composed into tasty easy recipes, following to a certain degree the very principles of paleo diet.

It’s simple cooking but it’s simply tasty as well.

What came as a bit of a shock to our editorial team is the fact that Snacks section is filled with meals resembling sweets. Banana pancakes, fruity smoothies – even though the macronutrients for these bad guys have been counted into each diet plan and you won’t binge on them, we’re still impressed at how well though through this whole system seems to be.

There’s both something healthy for your body (i.e. main courses) and a bit of tasty treat for your psyche (snacks).

We can easily imagine a beginner fitness enthusiast losing weight on these meals, as they simply do not differ that much from your ordinary run-of-the-mill dietary habits.



 “Regardless of the Target results (unclogging arteries, weight loss, fat burning, lowering heart rate) paying a closer attention and following one’s eating habits was a great way to bring great results to my patients.

Most of them after introducing a steady dietary routine managed to drop at least 8 pounds during the very first month of their treatment which proves effectiveness of this method.

The information that has bees gathered during over 150 clinical trials clearly indicates that it is both the quantity and quality of the food we consume on a daily basis that’s responsible for increasing obesity index in UK.

According to the latest meta-analysis putting together results of studies on eating habits conducted within 2010-2017, processed junk food, high fructose corn syrup, shying away from natural ingredients in favor of pre-packed products is a straight way to adding unplanned pounds to our bodies.

Also, there’s no denying that the quality of food has been rapidly decreasing over the last 100 years, since the studies showed that our not so distant ancestors who practiced the very same sedentary way of life as our current generation had no issues with obesity. Hence, the conclusion must be that the very reason for this plague of overweight citizens of UK has its roots in the decrease of general food quality.

As a result, paying close attention not only to the quantity of food we consume (i.e. popular tracking macronutrients) but also focusing on the quality aspect of the produce we put in our baskets every day plays a major role when it comes to maintaining a healthy and slim physique.

Optimizing this very aspect of your life can make your weight loss results increase very significantly.

After a thorough analysis of the meals I found in the Shaper Cut’s Diet Plan I can safely say they consist solely of the most natural ingredients which also tend to be the most reluctant to GMO modification or additives.

That means that you can fairly safely cook these meals without excessively worrying about the ingredients being modified in an unhealthy way. It’s simply economically non-efficient for food suppliers to fiddle around them.

In effect, following the Shaper Cut Diet Plan provides a very high chance of increasing weight loss results when trying to cut on fat tissue.”


Based on our experience within the fitness industry you can safely assume that Shaper Cut Formula can indeed provide you a good support during your weight loss proccess.

The pills contain safe ingredients which have been numerously proven to help millions of people during their fat loss, according to various clinical trials.

The doses are medically effective yet not overly strong which is a safe medium ground to most amateurs, unaccustomed to more intensive thermogenics.

If you’re reaching for a fat burner for the first time, Shaper Cut seems like a safe and reasonable choice to begin your journey with.

When it comes to follow a Diet Plan it’s a very nice solution, which can greatly increase your results. It also serves an important function of your guardian, making sure you don’t stray away from your good ways and fall back into the depth of binge eating.

Even though you can’t be sure whether your will is strong enough to maintain positive eating habits, it’s a very good idea to have someone (or something) guiding you along the way and showing you the right way to do things.

In sum, we at Diet of life editorial team, we can recommend Shaper Cut Formula for fat and weight loss purposes to every amateur out there. And although the price is quite pricey, the results are well worth the money.



 “When it comes to burn fat/weight loss everything comes down to pure the medical studies.

As I mentioned before I know the ingredients found in Shaper Cut from my own medical practice which is why I can confirm their effectiveness in the process of fat loss.

Given the fact that very similar results were achieved in over 200 studies I came across so far, I believe my conclusions are commonly shared amongst doctors and dieticians all around the world.

The Shaper Cut Diet Plan is a great collection of safe and natural products one can find in any grocery shop which makes it – Which makes it – easy to adhere to.

There are no strange additives or spices – the whole diet consists of the most basic compositions which can improve weight loss.

Being a practicing doctor I must say that most of my patients do not possess even the slightest knowledge about the food (i.e. which products are healthy and which aren’t) which is the main result for their continuous fat loss failures. Simply providing them with some basic guidelines helped them start seeing visible results.

And that’s why I believe that Shaper Cut Diet Plan can be a very important feature for most beginners when trying to effectively lose their body fat for the first time.

I can recommend this product.

Dr. Taylor (M.D.)”




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