Simple and Easy Ways to Use a Brad Nailer

While running a home improvement process, you might see a lot of tools for different purposes. If there are carpentry finishing tasks, then a brilliant brad nailer is a must. If you are working for yourself or for other being a professional, you must need a nailer for the purposes. And, most important thing is – if you don’t have any idea about how to use a brad nailer, then having a nailer only doesn’t give you any benefit. And, if you are a new person to use it, then never start working unless you learn the use. You can buy a good option by researching and studying the Reviews of Best Framing Nailer, but to use them you must know the ways at first. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the easiest and most effective ways to use a brad nailer. 

What is A Brad Nailer?

Before going to discuss detail about the way to use it, it’s better to get a very brief idea about the brad. Actually, what is it? A brad nailer is a tool which is used to drive the nails into wood and/or similar material. The brads of a brad nailer are a8 gauge wire made. It’s thinner than the battery powered and pneumatic finish nailers. It contains a thinner head. There is a small nail hole below the surface of the nail stock.

The brad nailers usually have length variety from .65 inches to 1.5 inches. They can’t hold the large finish nails or the wood screws as they have a shorter length as well as narrower diameter. So, the use of this type of nailer is limited! But, they are really awesome in finishing! 

Necessary Stuffs for Using a Brad Nailer

To use a brad nailer, you need the following things-

Using Procedure

Let’s come to the main point of discussion now. To use it, you need to go through several steps according to the instructions. These are:

  • Brad Nailer
  • Air compressor
  • Hose Adaptor
  • Air hose
  • Pneumatic Tool Oil
  • Teflon tape
  • Tack Cloth
  • Adjustable Wrench
  1. Purchasing the Stuffs

When you have a brad nailer, the first and foremost duty for you is to purchase the necessary stuffs as mentioned above to run your finishing unit perfectly and effectively.  Go to the nearest and reliable hardware shop and purchase one by one. Be careful about the hose adapter, because it must have to be well-fit to your nailer. Never forget to bring any of the mentioned things especially the Teflon tape, pneumatic tool oil, and air hose. If you already have any of the stuffs like the adjustable wrench or air compressor, then use them when necessary.

  1. Use Teflon Tape to Wrap the Connector

Once you buy them, start the key process. Very first, use the Teflon tape to wrap up the fitting on the adapter. Ensure that there is no air leak. To do that, you can use an adjustable wrench and further tighten the connection. Remember that air leaking is totally disallowed.

  1. Device Lubrication

The devices (your nailer) use an air piston for functioning. Keep the piston always well-lubricated. Otherwise, it might be broken or cause malfunction and even can damage the wood or other types of materials. The adaptor should be lubricated using the pneumatic tool oil. Don’t over-lubricate; few drops are sufficient. And, use the tack cloth after lubrication or any other time if there is any mess.

  1. Load the Brad Nailer

Once the above-mentioned steps are performed, you load the nailers with nails. The number of nails varies depending on the model of the brad nailer. But, always ensure that the device is loaded with enough numbers of nails.

  1. Connection between the Device and the Air Compressor

Before doing that, pressurize the compressor. The, make a connection between the device and the air compressor. One end of the air hose should be connected with the brad nailer and another end of the compressor. Check carefully if the connections are perfectly tight. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the connection further.

  1. Device Testing

When you have completed the above-mentioned steps successfully, be sure that you are done. You just need to run to test the unit whether it works perfectly or not. Use a piece of wood to check it. Place it in the right position by holding the handle. Be careful that nothing gets in the way of your tool. The tool’s tip should be rested at 90-degree angle on the wood surface. Finally, allow the nails to sink in by pulling the trigger. If it works accurately, your device is ready to use.

Last Words

Brad Nailer Reviews will tell you about the quality, good, bad, and total performance of the units. But, knowing how to use them is a different issue. And, we tried to explain that different issue very simply with the article you have already gone through.

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Hope for the best user experience!

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