Skin Ailments That Appear In Cold Weather and Their Treatments

Winter comes and brings along with it a need to make many changes. Some take out warm clothes and blowers, others change their times of going out. However, the real problem arises for people with sensitive skin who need to take extra care to keep their skins soft and shiny. Cold weather takes a heavy toll on skin texture; moreover, many kinds of allergies surface with the drop in temperature. Here are some of the common skin ailments that you are likely to gear up against in this winter.

  1. Chapped skin 

Chapping is the biggest issue and the most common one that warms up the market of moisturizers and balms as soon as winter sets in. The poorly hydrated skin and exposure to very cold air rob the skin surface of moisture and makes it look cracky. In worst cases, there can be instances of blood coming out of the cracks and these may cause pain too. Thus, keeping the skin soaked in moisturizers and applying Vaseline on cracks is one of the most common treatments one can find off the counter.

  1. Too much oily skin 

In winter, some people are fed up of looking like fried fritters. It happens because of glands working overtime to fill the loss of oil that is caused due to the sebum being cleansed away in dry and cold winds. Thus, gentle, hydrating products like mild cleansers can help get rid of the excessive oily look.

  1. Cold sores and Herpes 

In cold weather, viruses find the ideal conditions to grow. Viral skin infections in the form of sores around or on the lips are of common occurrence. Though in very bad situations you may ask for a doctor’s advice, but if you want some solution at the very start of the problem, there are certain OTC non-medicinal options available. Prosurx is one such solution that can be used to cure these viral infections of the skin.

  1. Dryness of hands and feet 

The hands and feet are the most exposed areas of the body. During the winter season, these are most likely to dry up and cause a discomforting feel. It is essential to keep these from getting extremely dried as this may result into crack and chapped skin. These limbs can easily be protected by applying hand and body lotions made of natural substances. Also, regular pedicures and manicures can help in keeping hands and feet moist and well-maintained.

  1. Dandruff 

The mother of all winter curses – this problem of dried, flaky scalp is a manifestation of many things besides a sensitive scalp skin. Exposure to cold air and dirt build up due to less frequent hair-washes may cause this problem. The first step is to use mild anti-dandruff shampoos and if the problem still persists, there is an urgent need to see a doctor, especially when there is lot of hair loss along with it.

So, take care of yourself this winter and keep your beauty regimen ready for the coming problems that are part and parcel of this season.

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