Smell Ginger Drop To Release The Toxins And Stress From Your Brain


If we take into consideration all the stress accumulated throughout the day, we can assume that we’ll need a lot of therapy in order to release that stress in a healthy way. However, sometimes therapy can be far from helpful and in that case, Nasya treatment can be your best solutions to your problems.

Nasya is a therapeutic technique, which is one of the five potent techniques in Ayurveda. Nasya technique values the great power of herbal oils and the inhalation of the same oils can be extremely helpful in situations involving congested lymphatic vessels in the brain, also known as the sagittal sinus, found on the top of the head, under the skull (in the pattern of Mohawk haircut).

There are so many health problems which congested lymphatic vessels in the brain can cause, including emotional, mental and physical disorders. So, even though this practice was neglected by Western medicine, studies have shown that congested vessels in the brain can drain the brain.

When the lymphatic vessels get congested and cause serious damage to our brain, this is probably triggered by a trauma, causing the narrowing of the lymphatic vessels as well as the building up of this traumatic experience in our subconscious. As we go on with our lives, we forget that the brain doesn’t forget and everything that we go through, is constantly building up in our subconscious.

How can Nasya treatments help you?

Well, even though this treatment had been practiced for centuries, it is recently that the modern medicine acknowledged the value of such treatments. However, congested lymphatic vessels is something that you can’t ignore and herbal oils can be of great help when dealing with such problems.

So, nasya treatment has been proven to be extremely successful in patients who suffer from adrenal exhaustion or high blood sugar or irregular endocrine. The catch with this nasya treatment is to encourage the patient to sniff the herbal oil with ginger, deep into their sinuses.

To increase the successfulness of the treatment, a self-inquiry exercises are given to the patient, in order to establish the core problems associated with the accumulated stress or traumas. By doing this, the treatment will help you release accumulated stress and find the problem in the deep subconscious. 

The results are felt in no time! The combination of a nasya treatment and self-inquiry exercises are successful from the start and you’ll start to see things clearly, due to the detoxification of the lymphatic vessels of the brain and the released accumulated toxins, stress and hidden emotions.

So, once you release the trauma and the accumulated stress, you’ll get the epiphany which will change your life. The whole philosophy behind Ayurveda is that these treatments can create new awareness, excepting the old experiences, getting rid of them and entering a new phase of life, stress-free and with improved health. From lower blood sugar to burnt adrenals.

As a matter of fact, patients with goiter, had felt the results from nasya therapy since the first week. The swelling is almost unnoticeable, as compared to the previous size, before the treatment. This treatment is also helpful in decreasing the stress levels, improving the hormonal imbalances and improving the life in general.


What is Super Advanced Nasya (SAN)?

This therapy involves a combination of massages, nasya treatment and herbal nasya with ginger. SAN or shiro abhyanga nasya is a more advanced version of the normal nasya treatment. The Super Advanced Nasya starts with a facial and head massage, steam and aroma inhalation, followed by nasya therapy and herbal nasya with ginger. A great way to start the cleansing process, for 4 to 6 weeks, three times a week, however, never before bedtime.

Start with head, neck and shoulder massage

-massage the head and neck for 5 minutes with lymphatic massage oil

-take a shower and continue with the massage

-pour boiled water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Place a towel over the head and steam the face. Start inhaling the steam for three minutes.

– place hot towels to the sinus areas (forehead, under the cheeks, temples-side of the head), you can also use plastic bottles filled with hot water. Track the top of the head in the Mohawk pattern.

Nasya treatment with Herbal Oil

-start by placing the head on the edge of the bed, hanging off the side. Enough so the nostrils will be perpendicular to the floor.

-take several deep breathes through the nose and after every exhale, put three drops of the herbal oil into the nostrils.

-finish by quickly sniffing the oil, by closing and opening the nostrils. Inhale deeply into the sinus cavity.

-repeat the action three times

Finish with Advanced Nasya with Ginger Drops

How to prepare the Ginger drops

-Mix 1 Tbsp. warm water, 1/8 tsp. of ginger powder and ¼ tsp. of brown sugar. Warm the mixture, until it dissolves.

-Sniff the drops as explained in the previous treatment, however be careful, because the ginger can cause a burning sensation. So, it’s best if you do a pause between each nasya.

-mix 2 tsp of natural salt and 12 ounces of warm purified water. Gargle the mixture.

If by any case, you can’t stand smells or aromas, then you should definitely avoid this step from the therapy and continue doing the previous two.


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