Testosterone and your libido: Tips how to improve your sexual desire

Testosterone has proven to be a hormone that controls sexual desire. When it dips due to aging, there are many things one can do that can help raise a lowered sexual libido. This includes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) when done safely and legally with a reputable clinic.

Here are tips on how to improve your sexual desire:

  1. Stay Active

Keeping active and fit is one sure way that has proved to increase testosterone levels in both men and women naturally. Testosterone for libido is necessary and working out by participating in strength training is one way that can increase this vital hormone.

Experts say that putting together a program where weight lifting is done in a specific way is best to increase muscle, physique and sexual desire. The program involves lifting heavy weights with shorter repetitions. These kinds of weight bearing exercises work larger muscle groups. They help to increase levels of testosterone.

Here are some examples of the kinds of exercises that should be done to increase testosterone for improved sexual libido:

  • bench presses for the chest
  • barbell curls for the biceps
  • squats for the legs

A well known body building magazine shared that fitness and body building play a huge role in sexual desire and sexual functioning – and this goes for both men and women. They shared that weight lifting increases a man’s overall manufacturing of testosterone and that when it comes to testosterone for sexual desire and performance, women who lift weights will get a burst of energy after they experience an orgasm during sex.

  1. Food & Erections

The foods you eat have a critical affect the functionality of your penis. Testosterone allows you to have nice, strong and hard erections and lack of testosterone can take that away and cause erectile dysfunction. Here are some foods that have been proven to be positive for helping to create and maintain erections:

  • Onions

Onions are known to be one of the greatest natural aphrodisiacs in the grocery store. They have been proven to increase testosterone levels, which in return will boost sexual libido and sexual stamina.

Onions have been called a “sex tonic” and are simply great for overall penile health.

  • Garlic

Yes, garlic may deter people from wanting to smell your breath, but it has been proven to be a food that increases testosterone levels. Since testosterone is the root of all that is sexual with men, it also improves the strength and duration of your erections.

Research has proved that when one eats garlic, it aids in stopping the formation of new fatty deposits that can develop inside the arterial walls. This includes the arteries that carry blood to the penis. So, not only does garlic help with heart health, it also keeps your erections strong.

  • Chilies

Chilies have been said to be able to spice up the sex life of both men and women. Chilies help to make blood vessels expand in not only the face, but the penis as well. It forces more blood into the blood vessels and an erection becomes harder.

French researchers claim that men who eat spicy foods will tend to have higher testosterone levels than those who do not eat such choices. Chilies contain capsaicin, which has been said to increase T levels. It is a natural chemical that increases circulation which is great for an erection. It also helps to release endorphins which stimulate sexual libido.

  • Peppers

Research has shown that spicy serrano peppers contain a lot of quercetin, which is a great nutrient that boosts testosterone levels. It does this by releasing chemicals in the body that increase heart rate, sexual arousal and boost your libido.

  1. Reduce Stress

When stress takes over a man’s life, it can also take away his sexual life. Stress and erectile dysfunction are closely related. When a man is stressed from work, family life, divorce, monetary problems or something else, if he does not control it in a healthy way, he may end up with erectile dysfunction (ED) to add to the list.

Stress can cause ED. Stress can also cause heightened blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels. These medical issues can also cause ED. So, whether directly or indirectly stress can take away a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection.

By learning how to reduce stress with relaxation techniques, exercise, more sleep, yoga, meditation and time management, the risk for ED can be decreased. In addition, a man that is stressed out is less likely to have a great sexual libido.

  1. Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an innovative form of therapy that can increase low T levels, increase sexual libido and push away erectile dysfunction.

National HRT  explains  how does this work?

By getting a blood test that confirms a man is dealing with low T due to aging, he can get doctor prescribed bio-identical injections of testosterone for injection. These shots will also come with a tailor made treatment plan and medical supervision. When injections are taken as directed with learning good lifestyle habits, testosterone levels can increase and balance safely and legally for a great sex life.

  1. Kick Bad Habits

Learning to live a healthy lifestyle by kicking bad habits is a must for greater sexual health. Getting an education on how to eat healthier, exercising more, sleeping more, keeping stress down, never smoking, drink alcohol only in moderation and testosterone replacement therapy can all aid in great health physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.