The most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world

The travel website; Oliver’s Travels, has created a map of the most vegetarian- friendly counties in the world. 

Oliver’s Travels understand that vegetarians can sometimes be faced with a restrictive diet when travelling, so they created their Global Vegetarian Index to rank every country from best to worst for vegetarian travellers.

The Global Vegetarian Index is calculated by three contributing factors; the annual consumption of meat per capita, the number of vegetarian restaurants available, and the number of vegetarian restaurants in relation to population size.

Which is the most vegetarian-friendly country in each continent?

Africa: Seychelles
Asia: Thailand
Europe: United Kingdom
North America: Belize
South America: Peru
Oceania: Solomon Islands

This infographic is perfect for vegetarians planning their travels this year.

You can see the rest of the map down below and you can check out what other countries are included on the list, here.

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