These 3 Companies Still Using GMOs In Baby Formula!

Have you already signed the petition circulating to persuade three of the top infant formula brands in the US to stop using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their baby products?

Those three “stubborn” companies are as follows: 

  1. Abbott Laboratories (Similac),
  2. Mead Johnson Nutrition (Enfamil) and
  3. Nestle (Gerber Good Start)

Each of these powdered formulas (which represent more than 90% of baby formula sales in the US) is loaded with corn and soy byproducts, along with sugar, which means they are more than likely GM in nature and are harming children!

It seems that with the many reports of growing birth defects, organ failure, cancer, and other unsavory health conditions associated with GMO consumption, we should instantly limit the use of GMO’s in baby vital products! After all, babies are very sensitive to the foods they consume, and we already know that pesticides present in mother’s milk can be damaging as well. 

Major infant formula brands spent millions defeating GMO labeling

Abbott, Mead Johnson and Nestle want to keep their GMO poisoning a secret. As explained by, each of these companies spent big bucks fighting California’s GMO labeling initiative, Proposition 37, which would have required that infant formulas contain warnings about GMO content.

It’s infuriating that parents in the United States are not given the same assurances as citizens in more than 60 other countries including China, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, when it comes to GM ingredients,” said Green America President Aliza Gravitz. “All parents have a right to healthy food options for their children.”

So, if you feed your baby one of the above three infant formulas, you are perhaps, unknowingly, feeding them GMO corn, sugar beets, and soy since they are often used in these companies’ products. 

1. Similac

One of the widest used brands and often given out for ‘free’ at hospitals, this baby formula is made by Abbott Laboratories. The company is selling you a can of baby formula for over $100 that is full of GMO poisons. You could contact the company to ask why it includes GMOs, or, you can just boycott it completely. 

Several years ago, Natural News warned our readers about these dangerous food products for infants, focusing specifically on Similac’s “Go & Grow” formula. The product, which is marketed for babies aged 9 to 24 months, claims it contains “balanced nutrition for older babies.” But as we pointed out, the product is nearly half composed of corn syrup solids (sugar), with the remaining 50-or-so percent composed of soybean oil, soy protein isolate, safflower oil and more sugar in the form of sucrose.

2. Enfamil 

This baby formula often given out as ‘free’ sample to new mothers is made by Mead Johnson Nutrition. Their website brags, ‘Enfamil, scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of newborns and infants.’

Mothers and mothers-to-be please pay close attention: the following Mead Johnson formulas are known to have GMO toxins: 

  • Enfamil with iron
  • Enfamil with low iron
  • Enfamil Lacto Free
  • Enfamil 22
  • Enfamil Next Step (both soy and milk varieties)
  • Enfamil Nutramigen
  • Enfamil Pro-Soybee 

3. Gerber Good Start 

The GMO-riddled formula, made by Nestlé USA, is, perhaps, the most questionable of all since the company has knowingly tried to ‘patent’ water and make it a commodity though it is all part of life itself on this planet!?

Do we really want to trust an enterprise which wants to privatize water with feeding our children health foods?

The company went GMO free in South Africa, according to Corporate Action, but continues to sell American families the contaminated GMO formula given to their babies on a daily basis!

Both Mead Johnson Nutrition and Nestle have dismissed appeals to remove genetically-modified organisms (GMO) from their infant formula products in the US – citing the approved use of GMOs by several national and global regulatory bodies. 

What are we to do?

You can boycott all these companies and start making your own home-made, natural baby formula, without toxic chemicals and pesticides and especially without nasty GMOs! The assistant director of the FDA, Nick Duy, says we shouldn’t make our own baby formula, but why isn’t he ousting these companies for using questionable (at best) and health-damaging GMOs?