Three bench press types that are extremely valuable for your pectorals

Have you become completely frustrated with getting absolutely no results after working for hours on end at the gym? Anyone would simply love to have a monstrous, chiselled and well shaped chest, as it is truly a thing of beauty and wonderful to look at.

But, due to lack of proper workout knowledge and / or ethics, we end up doing the wrong chest exercises, which leads to ultimate frustration as the desired results are not achieved with all the hard work. Today, we will try to reduce this level of frustration by learning about the right kind of chest exercises and workout regimes that are sure to yield the desired results. Read on to find out more.

Our chest is perhaps the hardest muscle category when it comes to growth and development by workout. But why is that? The answer is quite simple. You cannot simply concentrate on the growth and development of chest muscles. You must also be focused on taking care of the shape and uniformity of the muscles also.

In almost every case, people, after working out at the gym without any proper training, end up with a misshapen and uneven chest development rate. This happens when people only do flat bench presses to develop chest muscles. But other than flat bench press, there are many other exercises that you can perform to have excellent chest or pectoral muscles. Let’s find out about these bench press exercises that can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Inclined bench press


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Inclined bench press is an extremely beneficial exercise for chest muscles as it is perfect for developing and refining the side and anterior of the shoulders as well as the upper chest. In all actuality, with this one single exercise, you can actually put pressure on a number of muscles. With inclined bench press at 30 to 45 degree angle, it is an extremely effective workout. This angle range is perfect, as anything higher than this will put pressure only on your shoulders and not on your chest.

Flat dumbbell bench press

This is yet another useful exercise for your chest muscles in case you are looking for a way to increase muscle strength and mass. But how is it difference from a standard bench press?

Doing the flat bench press makes you stronger and takes a lot less stress and exertion, but really has no serious effect on your chest muscles. But when you take part in flat dumbbell bench press, the extra weight that you work with in the form of two dumbbells in each hand makes your pectoral muscles stronger, and gives them a good shape and evenness.

Decline dumbbell bench press

In all actuality, decline dumbbell bench press is perhaps the best and most efficient exercise you can take part in for proper and desired growth and development of your pectoral muscles. This bench press type strengthens your muscles as they are in a much better angle, which puts a lot of stress on them that induces proper growth.

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