Top 4 Superior Ways For Fighting Stress


Simply put, the stress-response system is a natural, highly adaptive survival system. Imagine you’re a zebra being chased by a lion across some grassy savannah. Once you’ve recognized the threat, your stress-response system will divert energy from storage sites throughout your body to your muscles and inhibit unessential processes like digestion and reproduction, allowing you to flee faster from danger.

In modern living we are less or more exposed to different stress situation. Here are several advice to fight against stress…


Friends and family are good for shearing problems, the best way to release specific stress is to share with ones who are having the same stress factors and can understand us in a right way. If you share your feelings, you’ll also be able to get some helpful feedback as well as a fresh perspective on your problems.Talk to a close friend about your attempts to reduce stress. It’s likely that your friend has also had to cope with stress, so you’ll not only be able to open up, but you’ll gain some insight as well.Open up to a family member. Your family should be there no matter what – even if you feel like a big ball of stress.


You can relax yourself with the smell of coffee. When researchers from Corea exposed a group of laboratory rats, which were under stress and lack of sleep, to the smell of coffee, stress levels dropped down.In other words coffee may have the potential to reduce emotional and physical stress. In the same way that coffee affects brain chemistry to keep you alert, its effects on neurotransmitters may help your body fight off symptoms of stress and stress-related diseases.So, put your nose to the foam of your favorite coffee.


Work environments are often quite stressful. This can be especially true when there are several different personalities in the same space, or when overwhelming work pressures are compounded by office politics or an individual’s personal issues.The right background music can help everyone work through routine tasks in a better mood, and listening to inspiring music on breaks can help us recharge our own systems.Put a good headset, with soft music which relax you and isolate from the environment


Effects from daily physical activities are well known – they relax you. Regular exercise lowers effects of chronic stress, increase the ability of cardiovascular system and is the best prevention of mass chronic conditions.