Top 6 Drinks That Makes You Slim


Water is the most simple, natural and cheap drink, the body just loves it! Hydration of the body brings back energy and makes skin shiny and elastic, a glass of water before meal reduces appetite .

This wonderful drink is a perfect antioxidants – helps you burn calories! Cup or two daily cleans your organism from toxins and makes your skin healthy.

Green tea is great cleanser of the organism. Brings back energy and help in losing weight by “speeding up” the oxidation of fats.

Antioxidants from this drink prevent different diseases and protect DNA from free radicals, which are the main cause for aging.

Protects blood vessels, reduces the level of cholesterol and stress and provides up to 40 % more antioxidants in the body of the consumer of wine. They protect from earlier aging, and piceatannol in wine slows down the development of fat cells.

Helps prevent child obesity, while it helps in losing belly fat at adults. Ca in milk speeds up expenditure of fat after a meal.