Top 6 Inflammatory Foods And How To Detox From Them!

Nowadays, the quality of the food is quite poor compared to the past. All the extra chemicals which are added, the GMO foods, the pollution of the air and water only add to the toxicity of the food we consume daily.

Many years ago people didn’t even have some artificial foods that we have today on the supermarket’s shelves.They ate raw food, food that helped their bodies function better not clog them. Therefore we have to do something to detox our bodies by eliminating foods that cause inflammation and disease in our bodies.

Here is a list that you might find it useful when cleaning your cupboards and fridge of these top 6 inflammatory foods. There is also their healthier counterpart mentioned, which you can include in your diet instead.

1. Processed Sugar

Processed sugars trigger the release of cytokines which are directly connected with inflammation. Therefore, instead of eating processed sugars, try eating foods that are naturally abundant in sugar, such as raw honey, Stevia or organic maple syrup. This change will ease your pain caused by inflammation.

2. Wheat Flour

Try replacing wheat flour by coconut or almond flour whenever possible. Not only are they gluten-free which aids to your inflammation detox, but also are less processed than the wheat one. Gluten-free food will help your body cleanse better, because many a times it has been shown how gluten is directly connected to inflammation, especially in diseases such as arthritis. Coconut and almond flour contain more fiber and healthy fats and are applicable to any type of cooking.

3. Sodium

Sodium harms your health, but you can find it in most of the packed and processed foods on the market. Nevertheless, the one thing full of sodium is the regular table salt. So, try eating raw and fresh food instead of a bag of chips, and also replace the table salt by organic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. By implementing these 2 changes you will reduce your daily sodium intake.

4. Vegetable Oil

Why use highly processed vegetable oil or canola oil when there is a healthier alternative? Try using extra-virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds and avocado oils. This way you will provide your body with the necessary omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

5. Cow Dairy

You do not have to go entirely vegan, you can just forget about the cow dairy switch to sheep or goat dairy. Since the age of 2, the enzymes in the human body that digest the cow dairy start to decrease. Therefore a recommended alternative is sheep or goat diary which is easily digested.

The second reason why you should switch to a sheep or goat diary is that cow dairy is GMO. Cow dairy is GMO is because the cows are fed by GMO corn which causes inflammation in their bodies and afterwards it is transferred to the cow products.

Afterwards, the consumers of these products get the inflammation. Last, but not the least, casein is put in cow milk which most of the people are allergic to. So, whenever you buy dairy read the ingredients and if possible, choose the sheep or gout alternative.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol is at the end of the list, but it is one of the most inflammatory and toxic of them all. We all know that alcohol doesn’t do us any good and we have to take action. You should try going alcohol free for a period of time in order help your body detox. You can also limit your drinking by having a drink or two once a week, but the real benefits will come once you cut it down entirely.