Top Tips How To Do Raw Food On A Budget

Are you on a budget? No worries! Raw food is for every pocket! 

Is raw food expensive?
Eating raw can be either fabulously cheap or fabulously expensive…or somewhere in between. It depends on:
– type of food (out of season / tropical / organic vs. conventional produce?)
– place of purchase (health shop / Costco, Tesco vs. grow your own?)
– quantity (once item vs. bulk?) 
– quality (organic vs. conventional?)

But there is always a way to get what you really want for a great price. It just takes a bit of time and effort to shop around and use some clever techniques! And if you really think about it, raw foods are not more expensive than conventional foods.

Importantly, when you are eating raw, you save a fortune on medical bills (doctor, hospital, prescription), gas bills, coffee, fizzy drinks, processed sweets, expensive cooked food restaurants (salads are usually the cheapest options:).
Your raw food diet will be as cheap or costly as you want it to be. As with the SAD (Standard American Diet) or any other diet.

Is health your priority?
Imagine – if you lost health, what would you have left? What is more important, really?
Often, it is not as much about the price but about your priorities.

How much do you currently spend on cooked/processed food & drink?When you make your health your top priority, nothing gets in the way, even money. I know it’s tough when money is not around…so here are ideas that can literally save you hundreds of dollars just in the next year…as they did for me.

Cheap raw food – 25 clever tips

1. Do your research
2. Buy in season
3. Buy in bulk
4. Buy wholesale
5. Don’t buy everything organic (I know, controversial one!)
6. Make a shopping list
7. Don’t go shopping hungry
8. Watch out for calorie density
9. Get some concentrated superfoods
10. Only buy foods you like
11. Don’t spend money on unnecessary supplements
12. Grow your own
13. Go into the woods
14. Pick your own
15. Value exchange
16. Join a co-op
17. Find a local farmer’s market
18. Only buy in sales
19. Don’t buy just from health stores
20. Get A Warehouse Club Membership
21. Get newsletters with sales
22. Get into coupons
23. Check grocery store online sales
24. Blogs
25. Get more raw food money saving tips

Save money by being smart in your raw food kitchen

Start sprouting

Use even over ripe/mushy fruits
Make your own fermented foods
Use cheap sweeteners
Substitute recipe ingredients
Create your own recipe books
Get cheap raw food recipe books
Buy second-hand raw kitchen equipment
Invest in a dehydrator
Store your food well
Feed your skin
Organise a potluck

5 ways how to create the right mindset that can save you money

1. Positive attitude
2. Keep it simple
3. Know your body
4. Eat when you’re hungry
5. Keep educating yourself