Turmeric May Be As Effective As 34 Medications – Studies Suggest

I’m sure most of you have heard about the potent space that it is turmeric.The popularity it enjoys lately is for a very justified reason. It seems that turmeric may be as powerful and helpful as those medications used for chronic diseases.

Even though there must be done a thorough research regarding the powers and effects of turmeric on the human body and chronic diseases, we still can’t deny that researchers must be on to something.

The USA and the chronic diseases

People fear to admit or embrace the fact that chronic diseases affect people even more than we can imagine. Surely there are plenty of medications nowadays which are strong enough or helpful enough to ease the symptoms or the effects of the chronic diseases, but how is this affecting our future?

American population is overexposed to medications and rarely do we rely on the powers of Mother Nature. It seems that the chronic diseases are not only affecting our lives, but they also affect our budget.

It was estimated that America had spent around $2 trillion only on public and private health care, the majority being spent on chronic diseases only. Bearing in mind that in the future this number will increase and it is expected to affect nearly 50% of the American population, one must reconsider the priorities and options that are offered and we must do everything in our power to prevent chronic diseases.

How much are the Americans hung up on medications?

Well, if we take into consideration that chronic diseases are immensely spread among people and that families have member who struggle with not only one but sometimes even two chronic diseases, the need for medications is extremely high.

However, every medication comes with a certain cost, also known as the side-effects. As helpful and useful medications can be, they can also be dangerous and fatal. Pharmaceutical companies do a lot of researches and trials to establish the effectiveness of their medications, however not all people are the same or react the same on a specific ingredient or compound from the medication.

This is the reason why many people experience side-effects from a specific medication, which in some situations they may lead to fatal consequences. So, despite the fact that many people do depend or rely strictly on medications, the need for some other changes and natural remedies is inevitable.

What are the options?

In order to cure a disease, we must understand the cause or what provoked it. Many chronic diseases are triggered by some harmful lifestyle choices, such as cigarettes, unhealthy or poor diet as well as other risk factors.

There are also cases where the disease is inherited or caused by unknown factors. Even though it seems that we are hopeless and we can’t do nothing about it, there is always a solution to every problem. The same applies for chronic diseases, you can protect your body and heal it with turmeric.Turmeric

The Powers of Turmeric

Turmeric has enjoyed some popularity recently, however what triggers our attention, must be the fact the turmeric can be both used as food, but also as a cure. There have been studies which establish that turmeric is even more than a spice and researchers are on a good way to prove that turmeric may be a great substitute for all those medications prescribed for the chronic diseases.

Needless to say that further analysis and research must be done, to prove the real effect of turmeric on chronic diseases patients, however no one can deny the positive impact that turmeric truly has on our bodies.

Hopefully, research will show that turmeric can provide long-term results, in the meantime, we can safely consume turmeric and experience the positive results and numerous health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of turmeric include:

Powerful Anti-inflammation properties– Turmeric is an extremely powerful protector of your body, preventing harmful bacteria and outside invaders from attacking our bodies. Chronic inflammation is a serious problem and curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory which helps in the prevention of many diseases and it’s as powerful as all the anti-inflammatory medications.

Powerful Antioxidant– Turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity in our bodies as well as protects the body from the free radicals by neutralizing them.

Improves the Endothelial Function– Endothelial dysfunction is the main cause for heart diseases, causing irregular blood pressure and blood clotting. Curcumin is extremely beneficial in preventing heart diseases from occurring.

Prevents Brain Disorders– In order for the brain to function properly, it’s extremely important to be careful with the Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor or the BDNF. A hormone, which is extremely important for the brain growth. Curcumin can help you increase the levels of this hormone and help you prevent brain disorder.

Fights Cancer– Curcumin is extremely beneficial in preventing cancerous cells from growing as well as reducing the growth of new blood vessels in the tumors.turmeric

How to take full advantage of turmeric

Sure you can always find ground turmeric and implement it in your daily diet, however that’s only 45mg or curcumin in a teaspoon. The recommended dose, or the dose which was used in the studies was ranging from 100mg and up to 3000 mg per day. The best way to achieve this is to use the non-food form of turmeric, such as:

Supplements– 200 to 300 mg doses, found in a capsule

Liposomal form of turmeric– for better absorption, turmeric must be taken with a good fat or with the latest invention of some companies, turmeric is encapsulated by an essential fatty acid.

Liquid form of turmeric– Liquid turmeric goes straight into your bloodstream, unlike the pills when the absorption depends on your digestion and the ability of your stomach to break down the supplement.

Turmeric Dosage for Certain Chronic Diseases

Even though research is still in progress and all of these findings can be truly reliable after the whole process finishes, it’s not a secret that turmeric is showing impeccable results in the trials compared to certain medications used or prescribed for a certain chronic disease.

Turmeric is a great way to start, if you are experiencing some mild symptoms, however it should never replace or you should never substitute your medications for turmeric.

At least not, until we have all the research and studies on paper and not until researchers prove that turmeric can freely replace all of the medications. For now, check the list of chronic disease and the dosage that the researchers were using.

  • Diabetes– It seems that if you take 250mg of curcumin as a supplement with food per day, will be the perfect dose for a positive outcome.
  • Depression– Curcumin has also had positive result in patients suffering from depression. The studied dose which showed a positive outcome is 500mg of curcumin, twice a day.
  • Cholesterol– The dose which resulted in a positive outcome in patients with cholesterol problems was 500mg of curcumin in a capsule per day, with food.
  • Inflammation problems such as Arthritis– Turmeric has had a positive outcome in such patients with a 500mg of curcumin, in a capsule with food, taken twice a day.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD– Curcumin has also shown positive results in patients with IBD. The given dose was 360mg of curcumin in a capsule, with food, three or four times a day.
  • Alzheimer’s– Curcumin in a capsule, 100mg, taken with food, has shown positive results in the trials in patients with Alzheimer’s.
  • Peptic Ulcer, Gastritis– For such patients, the used turmeric dose is 300 mg of turmeric in a capsule with food.


Hopefully, researchers will prove once and for all that the cure that we’ve all been looking for was here all the time. However, until they prove the influence of curcumin in patients with chronic disease, we can always use it as a precaution, but never as a cure. Sometimes, the medications are mandatory and we should never ditch them just because we want to try turmeric.


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