Turmeric Spices Found Heavily Contaminated With TOXIC Lead.FDA Forces Nationwide Recalls For Multiple Brands(SEE List Here)


Turmeric is notoriously famous for its enormous health benefits and its positive impact on the human body. You can find Turmeric on the market shelves, at the spices section or you can find it raw in grocery shops. Whichever form you use, it can do wonders for you. Or can it?

According to the FDA, there has been an action to recall several turmeric spice manufacturers because of the toxic lead presence in their content. FDA forced the Gel Spice, JM Exotic Foods and Gel Spice to recall their products due to the high and hazardous levels of lead, found in their content.

The FDA is definitely doing their job on this subject, because they are taking samples from manufactories in order to establish the real content of the spice and its effects from its consumption. Turmeric is probably suspicious because of its growing places which are notoriously famous as high-lead soils in India.

However, the most concerning fact is that the same contaminated spice is imported to the States and sold on the market without any warning in particular. People end up buying that product and consuming it, without realizing that they are consuming a product with high levels of lead.

Lead, if consumed in enormous or big quantities, can lead to numerous and hazardous consequences such as bone disorder, heart damage and brain damage. It accumulates in the body with time and causes numerous problems, delayed physical and mental development and learning deficiencies.

Those of you who have been exposed to lead, should run some blood tests in order to establish its influence on your health. Moreover, kids or newborn as well as pregnant women should definitely stay away or avoid as much as possible to be exposed to lead.

Sadly, the FDA still keeps the public in the dark about the amount of lead needed to be present in the product in order to cause its recall.

However, they are working on the case and for now, six brands have been recalled because of their hazardous levels of lead in their content. In fact, there isn’t a limit given by the FDA about lead presence in beverages, food or supplement, which means that manufacturers can sell lead-containing products or any kinds of heavy-metal containing products.

Some brands which are labelled as organic can in fact contain lead or other heavy-metal ingredients which is a rather concerning fact.

The following table contains the six brands being recalled:


4 grow turmeric turmeric-recall

Luckily, there are no cases of affected people by lead consumption or any serious illnesses yet, however one really needs to be cautious and informed about the proper and lead-free turmeric spice brands.

How dangerous is the exposure to lead?

It was about time for the FDA to take matters into their own hands and take this lead matter extremely seriously. It especially affects elderly people, young children and infants as well as pregnant women. The presence of lead in turmeric spice or soils exposed to lead can be life-threatening and extremely dangerous.

Some of the symptoms due to lead exposure include:

  • sleep problems
  • aggressive behavior
  • abdominal pain
  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • abdominal cramps
  • headaches
  • constipation
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • memory loss
  • loss of developmental skills in children
  • kidney dysfunction
  • fatigue

If you notice these symptoms at any member of your family or there is a suspicion to lead exposure, than you should definitely consult a doctor in order to avoid additional complications.

The above mentioned categories of people should be additionally alarmed, since they would experience serious symptoms, especially children, they may develop intellectual disabilities.


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