The Ultimate Guide How To Become A Raw Foodist And Stay That Way Forever…

Want to go raw? But do not know where to start? Are you confused and overwhelmed by the fancy raw food words and lingo, wealth of information, conflicting opinions? Gone raw some time ago, but the diet is not working out for you the way you expected? Read on, it’s time to revisit what you are doing. No excuse to delay getting healthy, slim and beautiful with these 21 simple points.

Get started !

1. Get educated
You don’t know what you don’t know! So:
The most important factor determining your health is your willingness to learn about it. 
Figure out what feels right for you. Become your own nutritionist.
“Knowledge is power”…but only if applied! There’s no day like today to go raw.

2. Get a goal – What do you want?
What’s your dream? Why are did you decide to go raw?
What are your short-term (<1yr), mid-term(<5yrs) and long-term(<10yrs) goals?
Do you want to achieve raw food weight loss and management, health, detox, energy, live more eco/green, longevity/anti-aging…?
Are you eager to jump into the raw food waters with both feet due to serious health issues or will you transition to raw foods step-by-step, ‘one banana at a time’?

3. Get planning – How are you going to get there?
Fail to plan. Plan to fail.Menu planning Choose your recipes, create menu plan (there are loads of them out there designed for various stages of switching to raw, or create your own!). Then prepare your shopping list, and hit the shops! Convenience. Stock up on fresh raw foods in the house, at work , in your car,…everywhere you spend a lot of time at.

4. Find the foods you love
If your favorite foods were raw foods and then it would be easy to go raw, right? So learn about/experiment with all different raw foods and discover your favorites – that taste good and make you feel good. I promise, your taste buds will adjust soon enough after you go raw. (I now crave pure kale juice…I know, insane!)

5. Price
Raw foods can be very bank-account friendly! Check out:
– farmers markets
– ‘over ripe’ fruit on sale in your grocery store (bananas are supposed to have brown spots in them, that’s when they’re fully ripe, people don’t usually know that.) Buy in bulk and save cash.
– raw online stores for sales. (Raw food world have insane monthly clear downs including totally raw pre-made and packaged snack food like bars, crackers, kale chips etc. Stock up.)

6. Prepare food ahead of time
Buy loads of greens, veggies and fruits on Saturday farmer’s market, make a batch of raw granola, nut pate and a jug of nut milk on Sunday evening and you’re sorted for the next busy week ahead.
Otherwise, it’s just too easy to fall back into old habits after you go raw. Convenience is key.

7. Get back to the basics
Don’t get overwhelmed. Fit raw food into your lifestyle rather than your life into raw foods. Go raw, not mad.
You don’t have to go raw 100% right now, or ever. Start with raw breakfast and take it from there. 1 fruit a day = 7 raw foods a week = 52 = 365 nutrition packed fruits every year!

Get your hands on raw cookbooks to get inspired, experiment with the raw food recipes, tastes, textures, and pleasures.Pick up some basic raw food culinary techniques (e.g. nut pate, blended soups, green smoothies, almond milk, raw stew). Don’t get bogged down with complicated recipes.Live and eat simply.