The Ultimate Guide How To Become A Raw Foodist And Stay That Way Forever…

8. Get motivated
What are the two main human motivational factors? Use both the carrot and the stick to get yourself go raw successfully.
Pleasure. Create a list of all the raw food benefits you believe you will receive when you go raw. Read that list every day. Read inspiring quotes and books
Pain. Take some time every day to visualize all the disease you can (and probably will) experience if you continue to eat highly processed foods…

9. Get holistic
Transitioning to a plant-based diet, living foods diet is a lifestyle change. If you want to be healthy, you can’t just eat raw foods. You need to exercise. You need to drink loads of water. You need to get enough rest and sleep. You need to take a deep breath. You need to get some sunshine and fresh air. Body. Mind. Spirit.

10. Get into the habit
Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do hundred things at a time when you first go raw. Instead, focus on ONE health habit every single day, for at least 21 days. That tends to be the minimum time required to form a habit. One habit every month. That’s 12 habits a year!
Small steps lead to big success. Go raw one fruit at a time…literally.

11. Get stuffed
How to get stuffed with nutrition:
– Understand power of raw foods in general
– Recognize benefits and quality of different raw foods (fruits, veggies, seaweed, herbs, superfoods,…); some of them have special medicinal properties and some should only be enjoyed as a sparingly (e.g. fatty avocados)…
– Get in enough greens
– Eat enough fruit – what fruit you like, how to pick ripe fruit
– Control fat intake
– Learn food combining
– Get as much variety in your raw food diet as possible to ensure all your nutritional needs are met
– Get enough calories in! Important! Many aspiring raw foodists fail on the diet because they are not eating enough (talk 10 oranges or 10 bananas per meal) when they go raw at first. Because fruits & veggies are already low in calories you have to eat more of them to take the amount of energy you need. you can stop counting calories forever.

12. Get it out – detox !
You can add all the healthy raw food you want into your diet but until you dump the junk you will never see the results you seek! It’s gotta get out.Colonic, enemas, one day water/juice feast a week, supplements (psyllium husk and the like), intensive juice/detox a couple of times a year.

(Don’t) Get emotional! – Save time, sweat and tears.
As you go raw, your body moves through the cleansing process, and so does your mind. Emotional and other issues will start to crop up (e.g. fear,…even from a distant past). This is because we often eat for emotional attachment, comfort and tradition, rather than nutrition. You have to change your relationship with food and figure out how you plan to deal with these emotions after you go raw.

Why not make it easy for yourself and learn from the best? It’s your first time doing this, while the raw food coaches have gone through this themselves and then over and over again a hundred of times with their clients so they can quickly recognise the issues and help you work through them quick.
How to chose:
– the type of diet (80/10/10,….)
– time availability (24×7, timezone)
– location and means of communication (face-2-face, online, telephone,…)
– group size (group or 1-2-1)
– qualification & experience (PhD, sports qualifications and/or experience, focus on kids & family)
– type of person you like (e.g. sympathy, gender,…)

13.Get social
If you have support system around you of people who share this passion it makes it 10 times easier to go raw, be exited about your transition, to get a sense of confidence and succeed. Make friends with raw foodists. Check out online forums & social media. Go to raw potlucks. Get a raw food mentor.

Go to talks and seminars by raw food leaders. Go out for dinner with your ‘cooked’ friends and enjoy their company…as well as all the salads the particular restaurant have on the menu  !Bring your friends to local raw potluck so they can mingle with raw foodists and try all the yummy raw creations….

14.. Get committed
They say that changing one’s diet is more difficult than changing religions. Commit to your raw food success The Secret'(have you seen the movie?) We become what we think of most of the time. Switch to a permanent ‘happy-go-raw-lucky, I can do it’ mode and get really excited about your raw food journey.
Love yourself. You have to love yourself enough in order to go raw successful and make your health a priority.
Make conscious choices. You always have to make a choice in life. So every choice you make every day, make it count.
Be patient. How long were you eating cooked 20/30/40…years? How long have you been eating raw 2/3/4 days? Raw food is a lifestyle change and as such, it will take time! Another reason to get yourself a coach.