What Is Cupping In Chinese Medicine?

The old adage that necessity is the mother of invention has certainly been true throughout history. As hard work and rudimentary technology required hard physical work, it became necessary for ancient civilizations to devise ways to inexpensively treat pain and illness with the resources they had available.

In ancient China, one such method of dealing with was what we know today as cupping. It is a method still used in Chinese medicine at places such as mantrawellnesscentre.com

As the name suggests, the primary equipment used in cupping are cups.  These generally fall into three categories: glass cups, bamboo cups and plastic cups. The cups are placed on the client’s body in strategic locations and the air is drawn out from under the cups by the use of a flame.

The theory behind this is that the suction that is created under the cup will draw out the forces in the body that are causing the pain or illness. As opposed to acupuncture which directly impacts the qi (life force energy) in the body, cupping works to affect the flow of both the blood and the qi. Blood and qui are drawn to the area over which the cup is placed, which helps to bolster healing. Blood and qi are essential for healing, so by increasing the flow of both to an affected area, healing is accelerated.

Although it may look strange at first, acupuncture is a painless method of dealing with a wide range of ailments, from joint pain to colds and sinus pain. Because it does not involve needs such as are required in acupuncture, cupping is a much less intimidating Chinese medicine treatment.

Licensed treatment centres are reputable places to have cupping treatments as well as a variety of other Chinese medicine treatments.  It’s important to go to a reputable source for these treatments, to ensure that they are being performed by a licensed professional.

This will not only ensure the treatment is done safely, but that you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before the treatment begins.

If you are experiencing pain, illness or injury, you may think that your own recourse for relief is medication. Not true. Through Chinese medicine treatments, the body is encouraged to heal itself, without the intervention of medications that may have unpleasant side effects.

Chinese medicine is predicated on the idea of balance, and the idea is that if something is hurting or otherwise not functioning as it should, there is something out of balance.

To restore that balance is to restore the body to optimal health and functioning. Cupping is one such treatment that has been shown to be an effective, natural way to reduce pain and inflammation, to restore joints to normal movement, and to help the body recover faster from a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.