Where to Shop on the Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is similar to low-carb diets, where you eat fewer carbs to get your body to produce ketones. This allows the body to burn more fat for fuel, resulting in weight loss. However, the Keto diet is a bit different from low carb diets in that it limits the amounts and types of proteins.

Foods allowed on the keto diet include nuts and seeds, meat, leafy greens, high fat dairy and fruit. When you are on self-imposed food limitations, you may not want to just eat whatever fits the diet but isn’t tasty. You also don’t want to go broke trying to fulfill the requirements of the diet. Let’s look at some places to buy the better ones.

Farmer’s Markets

Buying your produce and other groceries from the local farmer’s market is a great idea. It’s always better to support local growers in your area and you know the produce has come from an area nearby, not shipped in from some distant land. You know you are getting the freshest fruits and vegetables you can, grown locally and supporting a local farmer, thereby reducing costs for transport and helping the local economy.


The cost will usually be much lower when the food is grown locally, which means you get more for your money. You can buy more of the foods you like, and hand-pick the freshest fruits and vegetables. Because the food is grown locally it costs less for farmer to get it to you. Not just vegetables, but you can find locally made honey, jams, and sometimes even poultry, fish and other meats allowed on your diet, all in one place.

The foods may be organic, pesticide and insecticide free, which is good news for you too. Healthier choices for you and your family at a lower cost is always better. It is always nice to get fruit and vegetables in season. There is nothing nicer than sweet, fresh, crisp fruit and vegetables. You can always freeze them or make jams, casseroles and other dishes to freeze for later.

Specialty Stores

Certain stores carry higher end fruits, vegetables and meats. If you are concerned about the quality of the food, you may want to look at specialty stores. Organic, fresh, locally grown and many foods made in-store can be convenient and allow you to get everything you need in one stop. Some of the stores may be more expensive but it may be worth it in the long run for what you actually get.

Some of these stores have member bonuses and discounts, plus they have discounts for buying bulk. However, don’t just leave your local grocery store, as many chain stores are very competitive and pride themselves in keeping up with these dietary trends. Always check them out for organic, discounts and other new items.


Not only can you order from specialty stores online but you can find farmer’s markets online, too. You can order your groceries online for delivery, pick and choose what you want and check for prices, discounts and bargains all in the comfort of your home. This isn’t just specialty stores anymore, either. You can find all the food items you need online at almost all of the chain grocery stores.

The beauty about this is that someone is hand-picking the meats and produce for you, so you can almost guarantee you will get the top of the line foods, not elbowed out of the way for soggy, overpriced spinach or out-of-season strawberries that look more like plums. Fresh, delivered and in many cases, you are entitled to discounts and in-store bargains you won’t find if you were in there.

Grow Your Own

Even with very little space, you can grow several of your own vegetables, fruits and other herbs right in your kitchen window. If you have a bit of space, you can make a nice vegetable garden, keep chickens, have fruit trees, along with blooming flowers. Certain plants, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach can be grown on your balcony or sunroom without much effort. If you have a friend who is on the diet you may be able to set up a trade or barter system, fresh eggs for fresh zucchini or lettuce for limes.

With a little of research and a bit of leg work you will have all the fresh fruit, vegetables and other meats and fish you need to successfully stay on the Keto diet–whether it is for medical reasons or weight loss–you will find all you need right in your own neighborhood.

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