Why Am I Not Losing Weight? These 4 Mistakes Can Be the Reason!

Obesity has already reached the point where it’s considered an epidemic with over 65% of adults being either obese or overweigh. Over a half of them are actively trying to lose weight, yet millions of people don’t succeed. So, why aren’t you losing weight despite diet and exercise?

There are usually two answers to this question. A person might not succeed by using regular weight loss plans because their problems are health-related. For example, hormonal disorders can cause uncontrolled excessive weight gain. In this case, shedding those extra pounds is literally impossible without successful treatment of the underlying condition.

However, in the majority of situations, the main reasons to why you aren’t losing weight are mistakes in your program. These can be fixed and positive results won’t take long to show up.

4 Mistakes That Explain Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

1.       You eat too much of ‘good foods’

Eating a healthy diet, low in fats and rich in fruits and veggies is essential for weight loss. However, you must control the size of your portions no matter how ‘good’ the foods on your table are. People often allow themselves to overindulge using reasoning, like ‘but they are lighter than a beef steak with fries, so I can eat more, right? These foods are actually good for me!’

Wrong! Yes, they are good, but overeating is bad no matter what. To fix this mistake, start a food journal and/or use a smartphone app that will allow you to keep count on your daily calorie intake.

2.       You skip breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast at home does not only help with weight loss but also prevents you from regaining shed pounds. The first meal of the day is essential for maintaining your overall health as well, so never skip it.

If you have a very busy life, prepare breakfast meals in advance, like overnight oats. You can also choose to make smoothies that take under 5 minutes to mix.

3.       You take the wrong kind of weight loss pills

Natural weight loss supplements have long been proven effective. So, why aren’t you losing weight while taking them with your healthy diet?

The answer is usually that you take the inefficient kind. Note that this doesn’t mean the product itself is bad. The problem here is that it might not meet your exact needs. For example, did you know that there are specialized weight loss pills for women and men? These differences on the label matter because the product is designed to work with male/female hormones specifically.

If there isn’t a gender-based distinction, you still have to understand the ingredients. For example, Coleus Forskolii extract helps speed up fat burning, while Garcinia Cambogia slows down the formation of fat cells. You have to understand which variety will be most effective for you personally based on your diet, lifestyle, and underlying causes of weight gain.

4.       You discount calories in your drinks

One of the most common mistakes that explain why you can’t reduce weight is that you keep enjoying alcohol and sodas, without counting them into your daily meal plan.

However, those are two main sources of ‘empty’ calories after you exclude junk food. A regular pint of beer has about 200 calories, a glass of wine, nearly 100, and an ounce of straight scotch has up to 80 calories. A can of Coke (330ml) has 139 calories, and sweet bottled teas can have up to 270 calories per bottle.

Never forget that liquids also count towards your daily calorie tally. Switch to plain water and unsweetened herbal teas as well as black coffee to lose weight most effectively.

Final Thoughts on Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Losing weight is a complicated and gradual process. To achieve success, you need to have a well-balanced diet plan as well as get some exercise daily. Avoiding mistakes mentioned above is sure to help you achieve your goals.

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