Why Might You Need to Have Breast Implants Removed?

Breast implants are a very popular choice for a considerable number of women, whether it be related to improving confidence or simply managing a post-surgery body. For these women, breast implants are a great investment, and there’s often nothing to worry about at all when considering how long they’ll actually be in for. For some women, however, removing these implants can be important, whether it be for health-related reasons or simply cosmetic reasons. Although you might understand how breast implants are introduced into the body, how and why would they be removed? In this article we take a look at a few reasons why people with breast implants might need to have corrective surgery.

Getting your implants removed

If you’ve ever breast implants in Sydney, there’s a good chance that you might think you’ll have them forever. Unfortunately, it might be the case that you discover in the future that there are few instances where it is in your best interest for the implants to be removed. Basically, breast implant removal surgery is a process that reverses the breast augmentation procedure, whether to remove them completely or simply to modify the size and shape of the implants themselves. This modification procedure can also involve repositioning the implants that a person might already have or removing them in order to address complications that have arisen. Although uncommon for procedures performed in Australia with qualified surgeons, these complications can include infection, capsular contracture, calcium build-up, the development of infections, displacement of the implant, leakage of silicon and necrosis around the breast implant site. These complications might arise as a result of things like implant rupture, folding of the implant or even deflation of the implant in the event that the breast implant is filled with saline. There are quite a few lifestyle-related changes that might influence this decision, such as reconsidering the size originally chosen or a need to modify the implants due to a change in body shape, such as after a pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain.

How does breast removal surgery work?

As with most invasive surgeries, breast implant removal surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure takes between one to three hours depending on the specific case, and if the surgery wasn’t too invasive it is also possible for some patients to begin their recovery at home on the day of the surgery. For those that are contemplating the procedure, there are three common breast implant removal surgery techniques that should know about. There is the standard procedure, which involves removing only the breast implants, a breast implant removal with an accompanying breast lift if the breast skin has stretched or sagged (which can also include resizing of the areolas). Finally, there is the option of deflation, which occurs when breast implants are saline. This will allow the surgeon to deflate the implants under local anaesthesia, so is by far the simplest procedure.

Recovering after surgery

Depending on the person, it is usually likely that recovery from implant removal surgery is easier than recovery from the initial surgery. Is many cases it is actually possible for women to return to work as quickly as five days after the procedure, and it is usually the case that scars developing as a result of the surgery will eventually fade away, but never disappear completely.

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