Why Mobile CT Scanners Are Now Becoming Essential

A hospital or clinic is incomplete without a CT scanner. But due to the size of CT scanners, it almost becomes impossible for medical facilities to house such a massive piece of equipment. Not only that, but CT scanners can be expensive, a burden not a lot of smaller institutions can bear.

However, mobile CT scanners have made it easier for medical facilities, no matter the size, to provide CT scans to patients. Let’s discuss exactly why mobile CT scans are becoming essential not just for small but even bigger medical facilities.

1.  Provides mobility

There should be no surprise that a mobile CT scanner provides mobility, after all, it has mobile within the name. The CT scanner is housed within a trailer designed specifically for it. Which means medical facilities don’t have to allocate space within their building for the machine.

Being in a trailer means it can be moved from one place to another. Therefore, the scanner can be shared amongst medical facilities within an area. Once it arrives at the clinic, all that is required is that it is plugged in to function. Then when it needs to be moved to the next location, it needs to be packed by technicians and sent on its way.

2. Affordable due to shared cost

It doesn’t make sense for a small clinic with about 10-20 beds to invest heavily on a CT scanner. In fact, most of them don’t even generate enough revenue to do so. However, a CT scan is important for doctors to get an in-depth view of organs, bones, and tissues for diagnosis purposes. A scan helps diagnose serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and can detect tumors. Which means, it is vital for any medical facility to provide exceptional care.

A mobile CT scanner presents smaller medical facilities within close proximity to reap the benefit of having a CT scanner while sharing the cost. They can collectively pool in their resources to purchase a mobile CT scanner. Since it can easily be moved from one clinic to the next, each clinic can provide CT scans to their patients. This not only saves them money but lets them add an additional stream of revenue for their facility.

3. Improved healthcare

Mobile CT scans enable the smallest of hospitals to improve the type of healthcare they provide patients. It also ensures that their patients stay local, meaning they don’t have to ask their patients to go seek assistance elsewhere. This is especially important for facilities in rural areas where it may be hard for patients to go out to bigger cities to get a CT scan.


One of the biggest reasons why mobile CT scanners are essential is due to the fact that they make CT scans accessible in medical facilities that are otherwise unable to provide the amenity. It makes the whole CT scan process easier, making it mobile and allowing smaller facilities to share the cost while reaping all the benefits the scanner has to offer.

Overall, mobile CT scanners enable a medical facility to provide better healthcare for its patients which is ultimately the main goal of all medical facilities, no matter how big or small they are.

Author’s Bio: 

Scott has been working in the radiology field for over 30 years. He finds the biological phenomenons found in humankind fascinating and appreciates the incredible use that diagnostic imagery has to save lives. Other than acting as the President for Catalina Imaging, Scott enjoys spreading the word on new insights and breakthroughs in the radiology field, specifically the impact that mobile imaging has for patient care.

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